As an added value to your membership, the Academy is expanding its affinity program with Staples Advantage to offer significant savings on printing services.

Staples Copy and Print Solutions provides professional results on custom print products, including fliers, brochures, presentations, wide-format signage and digital media scanning. Full-service print centers also can accommodate quick print deadlines.

Members can upload projects from their computer, configure and pick up the finished product at any of Staples’ more than 1,500 stores or have it delivered to your practice. All services are billed to your Staples Advantage account.

In addition to copy and print services, Staples Advantage offers AAP members discounts on everything needed to run a successful practice, including:

Orders can be placed online, over the phone or in a store.

Staples Advantage offers the following:

Contract pricing has been established on a core list of items that AAP members order regularly and includes...

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