Two distinct Current Procedural Terminology (CPT) codes define attendance at delivery and attendance at delivery including neonatal resuscitation:

99464 – Attendance at delivery (when requested by the delivering physician or other qualified health care professional) and initial stabilization of newborn

99465 – Delivery/birthing room resuscitation, provision of positive pressure ventilation and/or chest compressions in the presence of acute inadequate ventilation and/or cardiac output

Both codes are similar, and all the requirements to report attendance at delivery (99464) also are required to report the neonatal resuscitation code (99465). That is why code 99464 cannot be reported with code 99465. The main difference in reporting the two codes is the act of resuscitation (see below).

The following apply to both codes:

The main difference between the two codes lies in stabilization or resuscitation efforts. Attendance at delivery (99464) includes blow-by oxygen or continuous positive airway pressure (CPAP) without positive-pressure ventilation. None of...

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