“It’s fun to be fit” is the focus of the 11th annual AAP Art Contest. The contest offers prizes and recognition to budding artists in three grade categories plus an international category.

The first-place U.S. winners will receive a trip to Washington, D.C., to receive a $500 cash prize and up to $1,000 in travel-related expenses to attend a presentation at the AAP National Conference & Exhibition on Oct. 25.

A top winner is selected from each of the following categories: third- through fifth-graders, sixth- through eighth-graders and ninth- through 12th-graders. A second-place winner also is selected from each grade and receives a $250 cash prize. The six winners’ schools will receive matching cash amounts.

A single international award is open to children ages 13 to 18. One winner will receive a $500 cash prize and matching amount to the child’s school or home school.

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