Dr. Alden (center) at the 2004 launch of Neonatal Resuscitation Program training in China. Five years later (inset), leaders gather to celebrate the program’s success. The event marked a one-third drop in infant mortality.

Many pediatricians recognize him for building the Neonatal Resuscitation Program (NRP) into the worldwide standard. Others acknowledge his work in expanding international child health and pediatric education programs. But if there’s one quality Errol R. Alden, M.D., FAAP, is known for, it’s bringing people together toward a common goal.

This month, Dr. Alden steps down after 11 years as AAP executive director/CEO — 28 years overall on the AAP staff.

“The organization is stable. It is a good time for changing leadership,” he said.

What he’ll miss most is working with people of all backgrounds and opinions.

“What dedicates us all is our mission,” he said. “I feel a great sense of pride. It is the...

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