Seven executive directors have preceded Karen L. Remley, M.D., M.B.A., M.P.H., FAAP, who took the helm as AAP executive director/CEO on July 13.

In the earliest years, the position was called executive secretary and included serving as treasurer.

The following pediatricians served as executive director during the Academy’s 85-year history:

An AAP founder, Dr. Grulee was the longest-serving (21 years) executive director and the only one made an honorary president upon retirement. He was known for his organizational skills, and an award recognizing outstanding service to the AAP was established in his name.

Dr. Grulee also was a longtime editor of the American Journal of Diseases of Children; he wrote textbooks and became a major collector of pediatric books. One of America’s most notable pediatric personalities, Dr. Grulee died in 1962 while dining with the AAP Executive Board.

Dr. Christopherson pushed for greater contacts among pediatricians in the Americas....

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