In AAP News, April 1991, Dr. William A. Erhardt, M.D., member of the AAP Resident Section, expressed his point of view of New York's Public Law 405 with regard to resident working hours.

Although this law, like any other, is promulgated with the best intentions in mind, sometimes the end results are not at all what we expected and therefore, the reason for the "mixed response" that Dr. Erhardt described.

No question that as he points out, the quality of life for some residents has improved; for others, and not all necessarily residents, it may not have improved.

Whether a resident is now more awake and alert is but just a part of the issue and even the reason of awakeness and alertness may not be in all situations to their ultimate benefit.

I think it would be most beneficial if directors of programs in New York City and New York State could take the opportunity that this forum offers to express their objective opinions, or feelings or frustrations with 405.

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