Spin Master Toys, of Toronto, is recalling 137,000 Firestormer and Skyblazer toy planes because the plastic air intake chamber of the air-powered toy planes can burst, throwing plastic pieces that can cause cuts, bruises and scrapes.

Spin Master Toys has received seven reports of Firestormer planes bursting, including four reports of the following injuries to children: one chest scrape, a cut leg, a bruised shoulder and ringing in the ears. There have been no reports involving the Skyblazer planes.

The recalled Firestormer plane is red or blue with a flame graphic across the body and “Firestormer” on the wings. The Skyblazer plane is purple, green and white, with “Skyblazer” on the wings. These toys use a hand pump mechanism to compress air to make the plane fly.

The planes have an eight-digit date code on the bottom of the pump. Only planes with date codes 12/29/01-KS through 03/24/02-KS are included in the recall. Planes manufactured before Dec. 29, 2001, and after March 24, 2002, are not recalled.

Hobby shops and department stores nationwide, including Wal-Mart, Toys ’R Us, Target and Kmart, sold these planes between January and May 20, 2002, for about $20.

Consumers should contact Spin Master Toys at (800) 622-8339 or www.spinmaster.com to receive a free replacement plane.

Rose Art Industries Inc., of Livingston, N.J., is recalling 188,000 cotton candy machines because the motors can jam and overheat, posing a fire hazard.

In addition, the heating unit can be activated without the spinner in place, presenting a burning risk.

The U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC) and Rose Art have received 225 reports of machines overheating, with three reports of fire, including one that caused $2,000 in property damage. CPSC also has received reports of two minor injuries.

The recalled cotton candy machines have a blue or a purple base, a clear plastic cover, and the words “The Real Cotton Candy Machine” on the base of the machine and on the packaging.

Toy and discount stores sold these cotton candy machines nationwide from September 2001 through April 2002 for about $27.

Consumers should contact Rose Art at (888) 262-4474 for a free replacement motor unit and free samples of flavored sugar to make candy. For more information, visit www.roseart.com.