Apnea monitor danger

Pediatricians and parents should be aware of dangers associated with apnea monitors, warns the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA). The alert was prompted by three recent accidents, one in which an infant was electrocuted and two in which children were burned. None were the result of a monitor malfunction.

Although the FDA called these "unusual accidents," they recommend that home users take the following precautions to prevent such accidents: 1.) Never allow the electrode leads to remain attached to the infant unless they also are attached to the patient cable of the apnea monitor. 2.) If the electric (power) cord is unplugged from the apnea monitor, be sure that the cord also is unplugged from the wall socket. 3.) Insert safety covers into electric outlets to prevent young children from inserting any object into electric (power) cords or wall sockets. (See diagram.)

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