Science kits

Price Stern Sloan Inc. of Los Angeles is recalling more than 34,000 Exploring Nature Funstation science activity book kits that pose a poisoning threat to children.

The kits, intended for children age 8 and older, include a compass that can leak fluid containing kerosene, a hazard if ingested or inhaled by children. The company has received one report of a 16-month-old child who vomited after ingesting the fluid.

The kits, which include a book and equipment for science projects, sold for $13 to $22 nationwide from March to August, 1996, at warehouse clubs, book-stores, chain stores and wholesalers.

The kits should be taken away from children. For exchange information, contact Price Stern Sloan Inc., Department Exploring Nature, 11835 Olympic Blvd. East Tower, Suite 500, Los Angeles, CA 90064; phone (800) 454-1625.

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