Vitamins and medicines

Lex Pharmaceutical Inc. of Medley, Fla, is recalling 25,000 bottles of vitamins and medicines because they do not have child-resistant packaging as required by the Poison Prevention Packaging Act. Children can die from swallowing medicines and other toxic substances.

The U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission is not aware of any injuries involving these products.

The recalled products have plain, screw-on caps packaged by Lex Pharmaceutical Inc. and include:

• Multigon Junior, a 240-count bottle of chewable children's vitamins, distributed by Menper Distributors of Miami;

• Duralgina, a 30-count bottle of analgesic tablets containing acetaminophen, also distributed by Menper;

• Cramps Out, a 24-count white and orange bottle of tablets containing acetaminophen, distributed by Efficient Laboratories of San Juan, Puerto Rico;

• Uni 1 Doe, 100- and 365-count botdtls of multiple vitamins with iron, distributed by Medley Pharmaceutical of Medley, Fla;

• Lexagrani-M Vitamins, 100- and 130-count bottles of tablets in a white bottle reading "Lex," distributed by Lex Pharmaceutical;

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