Three recent concerns regarding the infant formula industry have prompted the AAP Executive Board to communicate with the AAP membership. These concerns are: (1.) the potential for direct advertising of formula products to the public; (2.) the practice of infant formula makers arranging exclusive contracts with hospitals for a particular brand of formula; and (3.) the possibility of competitive bidding for the provision of infant formula in the Women, Infants and Children Supplemental Feeding Program (WIC).

U.S. pediatricians have long enjoyed a special position with respect to counseling parents about infant nutrition. The Academy reaffirms that, whenever possible, breast milk is the ideal feeding for newborns and infants. When breast feeding is impractical or not desired, there is an array of suitable substitute feedings for the pediatrician to recommend. When indicated, pediatricians should and can, from their knowledge, improvise other feedings for infants to take into account special problems including those of cost.

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