Budget Promotions of Houston and Walong Marketing Inc., of Buena Park, Calif., along with the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA), are recalling packages of mini-cup gel candies, or mini-jelly snack cups, because of a choking hazard. These types of gel candies were part of previous import alerts from the FDA.

There have been reports of at least six children in the United States and other countries who choked to death on these candies.

The FDA issued previous general warnings against consuming mini-cup gel candies that contain the ingredient “konjac.” Although the agency issued an import alert in October 2001, candies imported before that time still are in the U.S. market.

These candies are sold under various brand names, distributed nationwide to retail establishments by various companies.

The Budget Promotions brands are Mother’s Pride and Nata; the Walong brands are Kimbo, Asian Taste, Jin Jin and Shen Hsiang Jen Foods.

These candies, in various flavors, contain the ingredient “konjac” (also known as conjac, konnyaku, yam flour or glucomannan).

Each jelly cup is about the size of a single-serve coffee creamer and is packaged in a plastic bag, jar or cup. Some of the candy bears warning labels, suggesting that it not be eaten by children under age 3.

Return this product to the place of purchase for a refund. For more information, call Budget Promotions at (281) 495-9887 or Walong Marketing at (714) 670-8899.

LaJobi Industries Inc., of Edison, N.J., is recalling 400 “Molly” and “Betsy” style wooden cribs because cut-outs in the end panels could allow young children to get their heads entrapped, resulting in strangulation.

Although no injuries have been reported to LaJobi, children have died in other firms’ cribs with end panel cut-outs.

The end panels on the “Molly” style cribs are made of solid wood with openings on both sides; the end panels on the “Betsy” style cribs are constructed with wood slats.

Model numbers, found inside the headboard at the bottom, are as follows: Molly: 0101327 02 (natural), 0101327 11 (antique green) and 0101327 12 (antique white); Betsy: 0101257 02 (natural), 0101257 11 (antique green) and 0101257 12 (antique white).

The cribs were sold at juvenile specialty stores from May 2000 through September 2001 for $650 to $700.

Stop using these cribs and contact LaJobi at (888) 266-2848 or to receive replacement end panels.

Sandberg Manufacturer Co., of Los Angeles, is recalling 8,200 children’s dressers because they can tip over during use.

One report of a dresser tipping over but no injuries have been reported.

The four-drawer dressers, in light brown or off-white with heart-shaped handles, show the model number (#26224) and production date (09-01 or older) on the lower half of the back of the dresser.

Independent home furnishing stores nationwide sold the items from July 1999 through November 2001 for $230.

Stop children from using these dressers and call Sandberg at (800) 498-2979 to receive repair instructions.

Kids II Inc., of Alpharetta, Ga., is recalling 20,000 Pop Links toys because the tips on the links that snap together can break off, posing a choking hazard to young children.

Eleven reports of tips breaking, but no injuries have been reported to Kids II.

The toys, in bright colors with various shapes and textures, feature 12 links in a package. When snapped together, the links create a chain. The recalled Pop Links are model 883 with a date code “ND1” molded on the tips of the links.

The Pop Links were sold in mass merchandise and juvenile specialty stores nationwide from June to November 2001 for $4.

Take the toys away from young children and return the items to Kids II for a replacement toy. Contact Kids II at (877) 325-7056 or

Baby Buzz’r International, of Sandy, Utah, is recalling 8,800 Baby Buzz’r toys because the red, green and blue button covers on the toy can come off, posing a choking hazard to young children.

Five reports of button covers coming off but no injuries have been reported to Baby Buzz’r.

These round, plastic baby toys feature a face on the front, a red and blue “teethable ear” on each side, and a yellow circular mirror on the back. Three colored buttons are on the top of the product. When the buttons are depressed, the toy vibrates, plays music or its eyes light up.

The Baby Buzz’r toys were sold through juvenile specialty stores nationwide, catalogs and Internet sites from June through September 2001 for $13. To identify a recalled toy, squeeze the button covers on the top of the toy with pliers. If the button covers can be squeezed out of shape, they are being recalled.

Take the recalled Baby Buzz’r toys away from young children. For more information, contact Baby Buzz’r International at (866) 222-9289 or

Kid Cool LLC, of New York, N.Y., is recalling 5,100 Baby Cool and Kid Cool girls’ jackets and vests because the zipper pulls and metal rings can detach, posing a choking hazard to young children.

Kid Cool received one report of a child who removed the zipper pull, placed it in her mouth and began to choke on the metal ring that attaches the zipper pull to the jacket.

The recalled garments are polyester fleece hooded jackets and sleeveless vests in pink or violet, sold in infant sizes 9 to 24 months and toddler sizes 2T to 4T. Flowers are featured on the two pockets on the front of the garment.

These garments were sold exclusively at Sears department stores nationwide from September through October 2001 for $16 to $19.

Remove the zipper pull and the metal ring from these garments and dispose of them, and return the garments to any Sears retail store to receive a replacement garment. For more information, contact Kid Cool LLC at (800) 315-2376, ext. 183 or visit the Sears Web site at

BRIO Corp., of Germantown, Wis., a subsidiary of BRIO AB of Sweden, is recalling 3,100 Curious George toys that include fabric-filled mobile phones because they pose a choking hazard to young children.

No injuries have been reported.

These Curious George monkey plush toys, dressed in a yellow plastic space suit with matching gloves, have a detachable backpack with a red fabric-filled mobile phone. The mobile phone is connected to a gray, mesh backpack by a string sewn into one of the backpack’s seams. The recalled toy has model number 32900 on the front of the box.

The recalled toys were sold by specialty toy stores, Internet retailers and mail order catalogs nationwide from July through November 2001 for $25.

Take these toys away from children and contact BRIO for a refund or replacement toy at (888) 274-6869 or Consumers also can send the toy to BRIO Corp., Safety Recall, N120 W18485 Freistadt Road, Germantown, WI 53022.

Little Tikes Co., of Hudson, Ohio, is recalling 260 lobster toys attached to the activity tray of the Ocean Friends Stationary Entertainer because the antennae on the toy can break, posing a choking hazard to young children.

No injuries have been reported.

The recalled Ocean Friends Stationary Entertainer has model number 4629 GIG underneath the green tray. The seat, with pictures of sea animals, sits in the center of the unit and swivels so the child can play with the nine toys attached to the tray. Only lobsters with black antennae are involved in this recall.

The stationary entertainer with the lobster toy was sold at Toys R Us stores nationwide from October through November 2001 for $60.

Remove the lobster toy from the entertainer and contact Little Tikes for a replacement toy at (888) 883-7662 or

Diving Unlimited International (DUI) Inc., of San Diego, Calif., is recalling 3,500 Overpressure Valves (OPVs) used with Buoyancy Control Systems because the valve can stick in the open position, posing a drowning hazard to divers.

Two incidents of the valves sticking open but no injuries have been reported to DUI.

These Buoyancy Control Systems come in two versions: a jacket and a wings style. All OPVs with red pulls are included in this recall. The Buoyancy Control Systems were sold at DUI dealers nationwide from November 1997 through November 2001 for $590.

Stop using the OPVs and contact the DUI dealer where purchased for a free replacement. For more information, contact DUI at (800) 325-8439 or

Kent International Inc., of Parsippany, N.J., is recalling 28,000 “Midget Racer” mini-bicycles because the front fork assembly can loosen or break, causing the rider to lose control and crash.

No injuries or accidents have been reported.

The Midget Racer mini-bicycle, about 31 inches long and 23 inches high, is yellow with 8-inch black rubber tires, a black seat and black handgrips. All Kent mini-bicycles have black plastic caps on the tops of the front-wheel fork. Kent mini-bicycles with black plastic caps covering the chrome portion of the tops and sides of the front-wheel fork are not included in this recall.

Discount department, bicycle, wholesale club and toy stores sold the recalled mini-bicycles in New Jersey, New York, Rhode Island, Minnesota and Massachusetts from October through November 2001 for $70.

Return these mini-bicycles to the place of purchase for a refund or a replacement mini-bicycle. For further information, call Kent International at (800) 451-5368.

American Italian Pasta Co., of Kansas City, Mo., is recalling 5,000 cases of 12-ounce packages of Mueller’s Yolk Free medium and wide noodles style pasta (UPC codes 02965123 and 02965026) because they contain undeclared egg whites not listed in the recent packaging redesign. Allergic or sensitive individuals could have an allergic reaction.

The products always have contained egg whites, but the recall is limited to the pasta packaged in stand-up, block bottom packages. The pasta was distributed in grocery and other retail outlets in many states.

Return these packages to the place of purchase for a refund. For more information, call American Italian Pasta Co. at (877) 328-7278.