Pottery Barn Kids, of San Francisco, is recalling 3,800 Star Clacker wooden toys and 3,000 Ride-On Duck wooden riding toys. The wooden peg can detach from the Star Clacker and pose a choking hazard. The Ride-On Duck’s wheel cap can break, causing the wheel to detach and release small parts, also presenting a choking hazard to young children.

The Star Clacker wooden toys also fail to meet federal safety guidelines for design and construction of baby rattles, due to the handle length.

Pottery Barn Kids has received one report of a wheel detaching from the ride-on duck toy. No injuries have been reported for either product.

The clackers are made of three wooden star shapes, tied together, with the two outside stars painted red, white or blue. The center star and handle are made of natural wood. The toys are about 6 inches long.

The Ride-On Duck is a yellow wooden duck-shaped toy with orange wheels and bill that measures 12 inches high by 20 inches long.

Pottery Barn Kids stores nationwide sold the Star Clacker toys from April through July 2002 for about $6. Ride-On Duck toys were sold at Pottery Barn Kids stores nationwide, as well as though catalogs and the Internet site, from September 2001 through June 2002 for about $49.

Return the toys to the store where purchased for a refund or replacement toy. For additional information, contact Pottery Barn Kids at (866) 428-6467, or visit www.potterybarnkids.com.

Briggs & Stratton Corp., of Milwaukee, is recalling 160,000 engines used on fun-carts because fuel from the engine can spill out if the cart overturns, posing serious fire and burn hazards to riders.

Briggs & Stratton has received nine reports of incidents involving overturned fun-carts that caught fire, causing burn injuries to four people.

The recalled engines are used only on fun-carts, which look and ride like go-carts, but are for personal use. The engine models included in the recall are 5HP Model Series 1352XX, for all dates of manufacture; and FunPower Model Series 1362XX, only for those built on or before June 22, 1995 (950622XX).

Briggs & Stratton sold the engines between May 1992 and June 1995 to fun-cart manufacturers such as Avenger Inc., Bob’s Kart Shop, Brister Thunder Karts, Carter Brothers Manuf., Hamilton, Kartco Inc., Ken-Bar Manuf. Co., Manco Products Inc., T&D Metal Products Co. and U.S.A. Industries Inc. The engines also were sold separately to distributors and dealers who may have resold them to consumers building homemade go-carts.

Retail, specialty and power equipment stores nationwide sold the fun-carts from 1992 through 1997 for $600 to $2,000.

Contact Briggs & Stratton at (800) 999-9444 or www.briggsandstratton.com for a free engine repair.

Marin Mountain Bikes, of Novato, Calif., is recalling 1,000 Marin-brand, aluminum-framed mountain bikes because the steer tube on the front of these bicycles can break off from the two main tubes of the frame, causing riders to fall and possibly sustain serious injury.

Marin has received two reports of the steer tube breaking off resulting in injuries that included broken bones, broken teeth, cuts and scrapes.

The recall involves Marin-brand mountain bikes with aluminum frames. Seven model bikes have 11.5-inch frames and one model has a 13.5-inch frame. The 11.5-inch framed bikes have the model names: Bobcat Trail, Hawk Hill, Palisades Trail, Pioneer Trail, Nail Trail, Stinson and Rocky Ridge. The 13.5-inch bike has the model name Quake. The model name is on the top tube of the mountain bikes.

To determine the size of the frame (11.5-inch or 13.5-inch), measure from the center of the crank arm to about an inch below the seat-post clamp.

Independent bicycle stores nationwide sold these mountain bikes from August 1998 through July 2002 for $280 to $900.

Contact Marin Mountain Bikes to learn where to take the bikes to have the frames replaced free of charge. For more information, contact Marin at (800) 876-9840.

Cannondale Corp., of Bethel, Conn., is recalling 1,300 bicycles with defective stems. The stem can break away from the bicycle, causing falls and serious injury to riders.

Cannondale has received four reports of stems breaking, resulting in at least one minor injury.

The recalled stems are black and have the model name “3T ZEPP XL” printed in white on the sides of the body of the stem. The faceplate also has “3T” printed in white at the front of the stem. The stems were installed on 2002 and 2003 model year Cannondale bicycles. The recalled stems were manufactured in Italy by 3T (Tecno Tubo Torino) and distributed by parent company Gruppo SPA.

Cannondale bicycle dealers nationwide sold the stems from March 2001 through July 2002 for $3,400 to $5,000 (includes the cost of the bicycle).

To find a local Cannondale retailer for a free repair, call Cannondale at (800) BIKEUSA (245-3872) or visit www.cannondale.com.

Answer Products Inc., of Valencia, Calif., is recalling 850 mountain bicycles because the spring and adjuster can separate from the suspension fork and strike the rider, causing injuries.

Answer Products has received 18 reports of adjusters separating from the fork and being projected at riders; four riders sustained cuts and bruises and one a chipped tooth.

The recalled 2002 model forks were installed on Specialized Rockhopper A-1 Comp and Mongoose Hot Link Sommet series bicycles. “Manitou” is on the side of the fork and the model name — “Six Elite” and “Six Super” — is on the arch of the fork and on the side of the fork leg.

Bicycle stores nationwide and mail-order catalogs sold these bicycles from January through August 2002 for $800 to $900.

Stop riding these bicycles and call Answer Products Inc. at (800) 423-0273 or visit www.answerproducts.com/safetynotice.htm to determine if your bicycle is among the recalled models. Take recalled bicycles to the dealer where they were purchased, or to any Answer Products dealer, for a free repair.

Todson Inc., of Foxboro, Mass., is recalling 10,000 floor pumps, which are used for bicycle tires, because the pressure gauge lens can separate from the pump and strike a consumer, causing injury.

Todson has received one report of a pressure gauge lens detaching and striking a consumer, who sustained an eye injury.

The recalled Topeak Joe Blow Comp Floor Pumps are black (with gray or silver trim) and stand about 26 inches tall. The plastic pumps have the following date codes, which are located under the pressure gauge: 200003 through 200012 and 200101 through 200108. Independent bicycle retailers nationwide sold these pumps between March 2000 and August 2001 for about $40.

Contact Todson at (800) 250-3068 or www.topeak.com to receive a replacement pump.

Haro Bicycle Corp., of Vista, Calif., is recalling 1,100 BMX freestyle bicycles because the length of the crank arm in the 2003 model fails to allow sufficient space between the rider’s foot and the front wheel when the front wheel is turned backward. The rider’s foot could come in contact with the front wheel, causing the rider to fall and possibly sustain serious injury.

Haro has not received any reports of incidents or injuries.

The recall includes the 2003 Haro BMX freestyle bicycles, models F2 and Backtrail XO. The model names are printed on the top and down tube of the F2, and on the top tube of the Backtrail XO. Independent bicycle shops nationwide sold these bicycles from May through August 2002 for $190 to $200.

Contact Haro at (800) 289-4276 to determine where to have a bicycle’s crank-set replaced free of charge.

Team Beans LLC, of East Brunswick, N.J., is recalling 8,000 “Bottle Cap Bear” key chains because a miniature Coca-Cola bottle that attaches to the body of the plush bear key chain can come off, posing a choking hazard to young children.

Team Beans LLC imported the key chains as part of a licensing agreement with The Coca-Cola Co.

No injuries have been reported.

The 4-inch “Bottle Cap Bear” key chains feature an auto-racing theme. Bears have a white head and tail, and hold a miniature Coca-Cola bottle in the left paw. Bears’ outfits contain colors and insignia associated with selected professional race-car drivers. The featured driver’s racing number is written on a bottle-cap design on the bear’s front. The back of each bear has a patch that reads, “The Coca-Cola Racing Family,” and shows a black-and-white checkered Coca-Cola bottle in the middle.

Select auto racing souvenir shops and collectibles stores nationwide sold the key chains from January through July 2002 for about $10.

Return the key chains to Team Beans for a refund or credit, plus postage. Mail the item to Team Beans Forever Collectibles, Attn: Geoff Gerais c/o 11 Elkins Road, East Brunswick, NJ 08816. For more information, contact Team Beans at (800) 450-5585.

XL Machine Ltd., of Eden Prairie, Minn., is recalling 3,300 toy chests. Screws in the chests’ lid support hinges can loosen over time and detach from the base of the toy chests. If this happens, the lids can collapse, causing injuries to a child’s head, neck, fingers or hands.

The U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission and XL have received one report of an injury that caused a bruise to a person’s neck.

These blue toy chests, sold under the Playskool name, measure 18.5 inches by 12 inches by 12 inches. The top of the toy chest lid features depictions of “Mr. and Mrs. Potato Head” characters, and the front panel has a Glow Worm figure and a dog.

Target stores sold the toy chest nationwide from October through December 2001 for about $50. Return the toy chests to the Target store where purchased for a refund or store credit. For more information, contact XL Machine toll-free at (866) 746-8097 or visit www.target.com.