Kolcraft Enterprises Inc., of Chicago, is recalling 410,000 toy attachments on baby walkers because the flower toys on the tray can detach from the stems, exposing sharp edges.

Kolcraft has received 15 reports of injuries, including cuts around babies’ eyes, eyelids, faces and tongues.

The walkers are multicolored, have either a detachable toy bar or a detachable music center on the tray, and have two 6-inch stems with 3-inch stars on top of the trays. The walkers were sold under the Tot Rider and Carter’s brand names. The recalled Tot Rider walkers include model numbers 14303-AC, 14303-CC and 14401-OT, and the recalled Carter’s model numbers include 14303-LB, 14303-UE and 14304-LJ.

Discount department and juvenile product stores sold the recalled walkers nationwide from December 2000 through October 2002 for $20 to $40.

Remove the detachable toy bars or music center trays and call Kolcraft at (888) 695-9988 or visit www.kolcraft.com for more information.

Two companies are recalling children’s flashlights:

  • Eveready Battery Co., of St. Louis, is recalling 24,000 Kidz Club flashlights, sold under its Energizer brand, because they can overheat and cause batteries to leak, posing a burn risk.

Eveready has received three reports of flashlights overheating, including one report of a minor burn injury.

The multicolored flashlights are made with a metal barrel and a plastic head. They take “C” batteries and have a rotating focus head. The model number FC230KPB appears only on the reverse side of the package.

Discount department and toy stores sold these flashlights nationwide from April through October 2002 for $6.

For more information, contact Eveready at (800) 669-6394 or visit www.energizerflashlights.com.

  • Halo Burger, of Flint, Mich., is recalling 9,500 flashlights and batteries because the “AA” batteries provided can leak, which can cause irritation to the skin. When disassembled, the flashlights also have small parts that can pose a choking hazard.

Halo Burger received two reports of young children who received minor skin irritation on their mouths from the leaking batteries.

The multicolored flashlights are made of translucent plastic with a black cord attached at the end. Halo Burger is written on the side of the flashlight, and the two “AA” batteries included are labeled Spadelove Ultra and are black with a bronze top band.

Halo Burger restaurants in Genesee and Saginaw counties in Michigan distributed the flashlights as a premium with kids meals from October through Nov. 4, 2002. They also were sold individually for $1.50.

Return the flashlights and batteries to any Halo Burger restaurant for a $5 gift certificate, or contact Halo Burger at (810) 238-1839, ext. 27, for more information.

Good Lad Apparel, of Philadelphia, is recalling 52,000 infant girls’ garments and sandals because small decorative items on the garments can detach, posing a choking hazard.

Good Lad has received three reports of children swallowing or beginning to choke on decorative items.

The recall involves three separate garment sets for children ages 3 to 24 months. Two of the sets include a dress with sandals and the other includes a capri set with sandals. The dresses were sold in either red and yellow or chambray with decorative items attached. The capri sets were sold in lime, coral, yellow and purple with flower attachments around the neckline and on the sandals.

Department stores sold the products nationwide from January through April 2002 for $15.

Return the garments to the store where they were purchased for a refund or call (877) 599-5530 for more information.

Baby Trend Inc., of Ontario, Calif., is recalling to repair 15,000 infant swings because a screw on the support arm can loosen or detach, causing the seat to separate and drop to one side.

Baby Trend has received 10 reports of screws loosening, but no injuries have been reported.

The recall involves Trend Swing stationary infant swings, model numbers 8711 and 8722 found on a label on the bottom of the seat. They were sold in khaki/gingham and navy/white plaid, and feature a toy bar, song player and timer.

Toys ‘R Us stores sold these swings nationwide from November 2001 through September 2002 for $60 to $90.

Call Baby Trend at (800) 328-7363 to receive a free repair kit or visit www.babytrend.com.

Gen-X Sports Inc., of Toronto, Ontario, is recalling 88,000 skateboard ramps because they can crack and cause users to fall.

Gen-X Sports has received one report of a ramp cracking. The user fell and broke his collarbone.

The ramps, which include the Rage SSD model 310937 and Skate Attack SSD model 312912, are black and have four peg holes used to anchor the ramp in each corner on the underside.

Discount department stores and sports stores nationwide sold the ramps from March through September 2002 for $20 to $40.

For more information, call Gen-X at (866) 846-4369 or visit www.genxsportsinc.com.

The Disney Store Inc., of Glendale, Calif., is recalling 14,500 Sulley with Boo plush dolls because the Boo doll’s hair has ponytail holders that could detach, posing a choking hazard.

The Disney Store has not received any reports of injuries.

The Sulley doll is a blue monster with purple spots, a tail and horns. Sulley is holding the Boo doll, which is a little girl with dark hair and small pink ball ponytail holders and rubber bands.

Disney Stores nationwide sold these plush dolls from July through October 2002 for $20.

Remove the two pink ponytail holders and two rubber bands from the doll’s hair, or return the dolls to any Disney Store for a refund. For more information, call (800) 566-3161 or visit www.disneystore.com.

Damo Plus Corp., of Vernon Hills, Calif., is recalling 26,000 10-piece school supply sets because they contain razor knives, which pose a laceration hazard.

No injuries have been reported.

The sets were sold in plastic cases and included the razor knife, pencils, scissors, a ruler, an eraser, a compass and a tube of glue. The cases are blue, pink, yellow or purple and have pictures of children or animals.

Discount and dollar stores in California, Texas, Washington and Maryland sold the sets between June and October 2002 for $1.

For more information, call (323) 583-8484 or write: Damo Plus Corp., 4535 E. 48th St., Vernon, CA 90058.

Bear Archery LLC of Gainsville, Fla., is recalling 2,250 compound bows because the limbs can break during use, causing injuries.

Bear Archery has received 200 reports of the bows breaking and seven reports of minor injuries.

The junior-sized compound Bear Archery bows were sold under the model names Warrior and Buckmaster/Warrior. They are camouflaged or black, and Warrior or Buckmaster decals were included in the packaging.

Hunting and sporting goods stores, mass merchants and catalogs nationwide sold the bows from September through October 2002 for $75 to $100.

Contact Bear Archery at (800) 342-4751 for a free replacement or visit www.beargoldeneagle.com.