Kawasaki Motors Corp., of Irvine, Calif., is recalling 3,000 KFX700 “V-Force” all-terrain vehicles (ATVs) because the throttle cable adjustor on the carburetor can loosen during operation and then stick, which can result in the rider losing control.

Kawasaki has received three reports of the throttle sticking, with one case causing minor injuries.

The four-wheel green or orange ATVs have a variable automatic transmission and carry “Kawasaki,” “KFX700” and “V-Force” labels.

Kawasaki dealers nationwide sold the ATVs from March to June for $6,500.

Call Kawasaki at (866) 802-9381 or visit www.kawasaki.com to schedule an appointment for a free inspection and repair.

Dorel Juvenile Group Inc., of Columbus, Ind., is recalling 1.2 million Cosco Arriva and Turnabout infant car seats/carriers because the handle locks can break or release, causing the seat to unlatch or flip forward. When this happens, the infant could fall out and suffer injuries. About 670,000 of these infant car seats/carriers were previously recalled in 1999. This new recall is for the same model infant car seats/carriers made through January 2000.

Dorel Juvenile Group has received 416 reports of the locks breaking or unlatching, resulting in nine injuries, including bruises and scratches.

Juvenile product, mass merchandise, major discount and department stores nationwide sold the seats from September 1997 to December 2000 for between $30 and $60 alone and $90 to $140 when sold with strollers. The recalled seats are no longer available for purchase.

The seats were sold under the Cosco Arriva and Turnabout brand names and were manufactured by Dorel Juvenile Group in the United States on or before Jan. 31, 2000. The model number and manufacture date are located on the warning label on the side of the seat.

Consumers can continue to use the product as a seat but should stop using it as a carrier immediately. Contact Dorel Juvenile Group at (800) 880-9435 or visit www.djgusa.com to check the model numbers included in the recall and to receive a free repair kit.

Small Small World, of Englewood, N.J., is recalling 75,000 “Egg Dippers” Easter plush toys because the seams can separate, allowing small beads to be released, which presents an aspiration hazard.

Small Small World has received two reports of children ingesting beads, but no injuries have been reported.

The recall includes four toys. A white rabbit with a purple egg, a green rabbit with a yellow egg and a purple bear with a purple egg; all read “Happy Easter.” A yellow duck has a green egg that reads “You’re Egg-stra Special.” All of the items are labeled “The Boyds Collection Ltd.”

Department and specialty stores nationwide sold the toys from February to April for $8.

Consumers should call The Boyds Collection at (800) 377-3050 for a replacement toy.

Perfect Fit Industries, of Charlotte, N.C., is recalling 18,000 Soiree and Soft n’ Warm electric blankets because they can overheat, posing a burn risk, especially when the blanket is folded or bunched.

Perfect Fit has received 44 reports of the blankets overheating, resulting in four minor burn injuries. Damage to blankets and bedding materials also has been reported.

The blankets were sold in king, queen, full and twin sizes and have UL warning labels and permanent labels that read “Perfect Fit.” The Soiree, sold at Belk stores, came in ivory, and the Soft n’ Warm, sold at K-mart, came in ivory, light blue and hunter green and has a date code ranging from 02228 to 02305 on the warning label.

K-mart and Belk stores nationwide sold the blankets from September 2002 to February 2003 for $40 to $200.

Consumers should stop using the blankets and call Perfect Fit at (877) 882-9478 for a replacement.

American Promotional Events Inc., of Florence, Ala., is recalling 22,700 “TNT” Reloadable Tube Fireworks because the defective base can break during launch if reused. As a result, the base could send the fireworks in unintended directions and cause injury.

American Promotional Events Inc. has received two reports of the base breaking, but no injuries have been reported.

The fireworks have a black base and an 11-inch multicolored tube. Each product is sold with six shells and fuses and is labeled “Model No. CP983,” “Item No. 460070,” “TNT” and “#1 Selling Brand.”

Fireworks display stands and tents and retail operations sold the fireworks in states where the sale of consumer fireworks is legal from June to July for $35.

Consumers should return the fireworks to the retailer for a refund, or call American Promotional Events Inc. at (800) 243-1189 for more information.

Fisher-Price, of East Aurora, N.Y., is recalling 233,000 Crib Mobile Toys because the batteries could leak and the corrosive liquid could seep out of the compartment, posing a chemical burn risk.

Fisher-Price has received 30 reports of batteries leaking, including six reports of minor burn injuries to babies.

The Sparkling Symphony Mobile toys attach to the side rail and play music and lights that are activated by remote control. The recalled toys were manufactured from October 1999 to November 2000. A date code and the model number 71985 appear on both the lower arm of the mobile and the back of the remote control.

Discount department stores and toys stores nationwide sold the mobiles from December 1999 to December 2001 for $25.

Consumers should call Fisher-Price at (800) 357-9460 or visit www.service.mattel.com to check date codes to determine if their mobile is recalled and to order a free repair kit if needed.

JAKKS Pacific Inc., of Malibu, Calif., is recalling 1.3 million “Spit Smatter” Spray Foam products because the aerosol cans can forcefully break apart, posing a risk of serious injuries to bystanders. About 296,000 of these cans were recalled last year for the same reason.

JAKKS Pacific Inc. has received four new reports of the cans breaking apart, including one case that resulted in a laceration injury and several reports involving property damage.

The foam comes in six brands, including “Original Smatter,” “Blueberry Smatter,” “Banana Cream Smatter,” “Lemon Meringue Smatter” and “Fatter Smatter.” The brand name is printed on the can, and “Nickelodeon” is on the orange trigger.

Discount department stores and toy stores nationwide sold the foam from February 2002 to June 2003 for $10.

Consumers should take cans away from children, and call JAKKS Pacific Inc. at (800) 554-5516 or e-mail smatterrecall@jakks.net for disposal instructions and a refund.

    — Kari Bachmeier