Baby Trend Inc., of Ontario, is recalling 11,300 Passport Strollers because the fold joint can collapse unexpectedly, causing the baby to fall. There have been four reports of strollers collapsing. No injuries have been reported. The recalled strollers are model number 1514 and were sold at Babies“R” Us nationwide from July 2003 to February 2004 for $29.

Consumers should stop using the stroller and contact Baby Trend at (800)328-7363 for a new replacement stroller.

Casio Inc., of Dover, N.J., is recalling 18,000 piano benches because the screws and bracket assemblies attaching the legs to the bench can weaken and detach, causing the bench seat to collapse during normal use.

There have been four reports of bracket assemblies failing, including one report of someone sustaining a fractured wrist when the bench collapsed.

There are two models of benches, both of which have leather coverings. The Bench DK is made of dark wood, and the Bench LT is made of light wood.

The benches were sold nationwide from September 2003 to March 2004 for$99.

Call Casio toll-free at (800) 454-4678 or visit www.casio.comfor instructions on how to return the bench for a full refund.


DK Publishing Inc., of New York, is recalling 214,000 children's board books with a sound maker because the sound maker poses a choking hazard if removed.

There has been one report of a child detaching the sound maker and putting it in his mouth. The child was not injured.

The heavy cardboard books were sold under eight different titles:Dinosaurs, Emergency!, Kitty's Adventure, On the Road, Puppy's Busy Day,Tractors, Trains and Trucks. All the books have a raised sound button in the lower right corner, which features a sound relevant to the title.

The books were sold nationwide from March 2001 to April 2004 for $8.

Contact DK Publishing at (800) 505-4726 for a replacement book or refund.

Coaster Co. of America, of Santa Fe Springs, Calif., is recalling 22,000 bunk beds because a gap between the step of the built-in ladder and the top bunk allows enough room for a child's body to slip through but will not allow for a child's head to pass though, posing a strangulation risk.

No incidents have been reported.

The metal bunk beds were sold in twin/twin and twin/full sizes and have the model numbers 2008, 2056, 2256 and 2258. The enamel finish comes in blue,back, red, yellow or white.

The bunk beds were sold nationwide from June 2000 to February 2004 for $150 to $250.

Consumers should call Coaster of America at (800) 282-9362 for a free repair kit.

Great Gifts Inc., of McKeesport, Pa., is recalling 1,900 snowmen holiday lamps because they have undersized wiring, no strain relief on the electric cords and the molded plastic enclosure is flammable.

No incidents have been reported.

The lamps come in three models: snowmen at a campfire (model #1536A),snowmen with a choir (model #1628) and snowmen with a train (model #The Turbo 1541). They were sold nationwide from October to December 2003 for $10.

Call Great Gifts Inc. at (800) 611-0651 for information on returning the lamps and receiving a refund.

Genan Import Inc., of Chicago, is recalling 17,760 Kinetic Lighting Pictures because they have inadequate construction and incorrect wiring, and they use flammable materials, all of which pose fire and electric shock hazards.

No incidents have been reported.

The Kinetic Lighting Pictures are framed artwork that has electric lights and sound and feature moving background scenes, including waterfalls and snow.

The pictures were sold at dollar and furniture stores nationwide from June 2002 to February 2003 for $20 to $150.

Contact Genan Import at (800) 517-5795 to return the product for a refund.