Graco Children's Products, of Exton, Pa., is recalling 140,000 Travel Lite Swings because the carrying handle can fail to stay in place and hit the child in the head. In addition, the three-point seat belt may not prevent a child from falling forward and hitting his or her head on the floor or the swing's frame.

More than 120 incidents involving the swings have been reported, resulting in injuries such as bloody lips, bumps and bruises.

The Travel Lite portable swings being recalled include model numbers 1850JJP, 1850JGB and 1870DAL and also have a serial number between 050503 and 121103, which can be found on a white label underneath the seat. The handles have buttons to activate lights and music. The portable swings were sold at discount, department and juvenile stores from June 2003 through June 2004 for$60.

Consumers who have a Travel Lite swing with a three-point seatbelt (waist belt and crotch strap only) or a Travel Lite swing without a red handle release button should discontinue use and contact Graco for a free repair kit by calling (800) 345-4109 or visiting

Mackarl Enterprises Inc., of City of Industry, Calif., and KHS Bicycles Inc., of Rancho Dominguez, Calif., are recalling bicycle helmets because they may not meet U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission regulations for helmets,posing a risk of head injury if riders fall.

No incidents have been reported.

The helmets being recalled are the Geartec ESPY, DBX Ravage (FX-2) and DBX Engage (VT-3) models. The ESPY and DBX Ravage are carbon yellow, silver or blue, and the DBX Engage is blue/silver/black, red/yellow/black or silver and black.

The DBX Engage (VT-3) and Ravage (FX-2) model helmets were sold at Dick's Sporting Goods stores nationwide from June 2003 to June 2004 for $40 to $60. The Geartec ESPY model helmets were sold at KHS Bicycles stores from May to June 2003 for $40.

Stop using these helmets and return them to the place of purchase for a refund or replacement. Contact Mackarl toll-free at (866) 432-7832 for more information.

Target Corp., of Minneapolis, is recalling 25,500 Summerville Toy Trucks Sets because parts on the trucks could detach, posing a choking and sharp point hazard to young children.

No injuries have been reported.

The recall is for the four-piece, multicolored sets that consist of various types of trucks, including dump trucks, cement trucks, utility trucks, garbage trucks, box trucks, fuel trucks and tow trucks. “Summerville” and item number “204 02 0458” are printed on the packaging. The sets were sold at Target stores nationwide from February through May for $6.

Consumers should return the truck sets to Target for a refund. Call Target toll-free at (800) 440-0680 or visit details.

GapKids, of San Francisco, is recalling 5,200 Girls' Straw Cowboy Hats because they are constructed using a thin wire within a seam, the tip of which can break free, posing a hazard.

Two minor injuries have been reported.

The girls' straw cowboy hats were sold in pink and natural straw colors,with a butterfly and flower embroidered on either side. The hats came in sizes small/medium and large/extra-large. Style number 239040 can be found on a white label sewn into the brim of the hat, under the garment-care tag. The hats were sold at GapKids stores and from April through May for $18.50.

Customers should return the hats to a Gap store, and they will receive a refund and a $5 appreciation card. Contact GapKids toll-free at (866) 847-0489 for information.

Kmart Corp., of Troy, Mich., is recalling 38,600 Pool Pump Water Guns because the cone-shaped nozzle can detach from the water gun and be propelled,causing injury.

Four injuries to children have been reported, including cuts and bruises.

The water guns are shaped like giant syringes. When immersed in water, they fill when the handle is pulled and shoot water when it is pushed. They either have an orange tube with a green handle and nozzle or a yellow tube with a blue handle and nozzle. They were sold at Kmart stores nationwide from January to June 2004 for $2.

Consumers should stop using the guns and return them to a Kmart store for a refund. For information, call Kmart at (866) KMART4U (866-562-7848).

Pokémon Center NY, of New York City, is recalling 7,400 Pokémon dolls, beanbags and key chains because tips of sewing needles were found in the stuffing, posing a puncture hazard.

No injuries have been reported.

Thirteen plush Pokémon characters are recalled. The medium plush toys are Jirachi, Charizard, Venusaur and Blastoise; the keychains are Treecko, Mudkip and Torchic; the plush set is Plusie/Minun; the bean bags are Torchic and Treecko; the large plush items are Kyogre and Groudon; and the plush bean bag is Mudkip.

Recalled toys have labels that read “TOMY” and one of the following production codes: A04, B04, C04, D04, E03, E04, F03, F04, G03, G04,H03, I03, J03, K03 and L03. Any production code containing an “S”is not part of this recall.

The items were sold at Pokémon Center NY, 10 Rockefeller Plaza, New York City, and on the firm's Web site at www.pokemoncenter.comnationwide from January through August for $2 to $11. A limited number were given away as a promotion.

Take these toys away from children and contact TOMY Co. at (800) 691-8055 to receive a refund or free replacement toy.

HearthSong Inc., of Madison, Va., is recalling 22,500 Peek-a-Boo Balls because the wooden rings on the holes of the product can crack, allowing the small wooden heads to fall out and pose a choking hazard to young children.

The firm has one report of a child placing a small wooden head in his mouth, but no injuries were reported.

The blue wooden ball features six holes, each one containing a small wooden head with a smiling face. The toy was sold through HearthSong's catalog and Web site from October 2001 through March 2004 for $10.

HearthSong will notify purchasers by mail regarding a refund and a discount toward the next purchase.

For information, call HearthSong toll-free at (888) 623-6557 or visit

Determined Productions Inc., of Larkspur, Calif., is recalling 90,000 plush frog stuffed animals because the seams in the toy can tear open and expose small plastic pellets, posing a choking or aspiration hazard to young children.

The firm has one report of seam breakage on a toy that resulted in a child choking on the plastic pellets. The child was not injured.

The stuffed purple frog toy has a green chin, belly, hands and feet, with“BRAVE” in purple letters on the underside of its right foot.

Kohl's Department Stores sold the toys throughout July for $5.

Stop using the toy, and contact Determined Productions or visit a Kohl's store for a refund or store credit.

For more information, call Determined Productions toll-free at (877)925-0660, e-mail Normamail@dpisf.comor visit

Playworld Systems Inc., of Lewisburg, Pa., is recalling to repair 1,500 Arch Swing and Arch Swing Add-A-Bay swing sets because the weld between the side arch support and the top rail can fail. If that happens, the swings can collapse, causing children to fall and be injured by the falling top rail.

The firm has received one report of the top rail detaching, resulting in two minor injuries.

The Arch Swing Model #0289 and the Arch Swing Add-A-Bay Model #0380 have arched metal side supports and a welded top rail that supports two swings. The swing sets are made from steel tubing in a variety of colors.

Sales representatives sold the swing sets directly to child care centers and children's learning centers or playgrounds nationwide from February 1998 through May 2004. The Arch Swing Add-A-Bay sold for $488, while the Arch Swing was $653.

The swing set seats should be removed from the swing set until a repair kit is installed. The firm will contact owners by mail and provide a repair kit.

For more information, contact Playworld Systems at (800) 233-8404.

Coaster Co. of America, in Santa Fe Springs, Calif., is recalling 1.2 million Reebok and NordicTrack chrome dumbbells because they do not fit together properly, and the weights can fall off the handles and strike the user.

The importer, Jumpking Inc., of Mesquite, Texas, has received nine such reports involving five consumers who received injuries such as bruises, a broken nose and a broken toe.

The chrome dumbbells are between 2 and 50 pounds and have the Reebok or NordicTrack name on the outside of the bells along with the weight of the dumbbell.

They were sold at Gart Sports, Sears, Target and other retail stores nationwide that carry sporting good products from June 2000 through May 14,2004, for $4 to $45.

Consumers should examine their dumbbells to make sure the weights on both ends are tightly secured to the handle. If they are loose, contact Jumpking to receive a free repair kit.

For more information, call Jumpking at (800) 3222211 or visit


American Promotional Events Inc., of Florence, Ala., is recalling 11,700 units of “T6” Titanium 6 Break Artillery Shell Fireworks because they could have a defective ignition fuse, possibly causing serious injury to consumers who attempt to re-light them. The U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission warns consumers never to re-light any fireworks that do not ignite after the first attempt.

There has been one report of a fuse failure, but no one was injured.

The display box has “T6,” “Six Break Artillery Shell” and “TNT” printed on the front and “Titanium 6 Break” on the back. The box holds a colorful plastic launch tube and six break display shells. Model number CP1104 is printed on the launch tube and packaging.

The fireworks sold for about $40 from May through June at fireworks retailers, including display stands and tents in states permitting the sale of consumer fireworks.

Return the fireworks device to the store where it was purchased for a refund or contact American Promotional Events Inc. at (800) 243-1189 or visit