The U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission has announced recalls of the following products. Consumers should stop using recalled products unless otherwise instructed.

Product: Chicken Limbo electronic party game

Units: 461,000

Manufacturer: Milton Bradley, of East Longmeadow, Mass.

Hazard: The game's two side poles do not fit into their bases properly. This can cause the game to fall apart if touched, hitting players and bystanders.

Incidents/injuries: Milton Bradley has received 46 reports of the party game collapsing unexpectedly, including 23 reports of injuries.

Description: The recalled Chicken Limbo is a plastic electronic game consisting of two red vertical poles set in yellow bases and an orange horizontal bar with a plastic white chicken at the center of the bar. The game is intended for children ages 4 and up.

Sold at: Discount department and toy stores nationwide from June 2005 through January 2006 for about $25.

Remedy: Consumers should take the recalled Chicken Limbo game away from children and contact Milton Bradley to receive a free repair kit. The kit contains two replacement side poles to stabilize the toy.

Contact: Call (800) 245-0910 or visit

Product: Blade Turbo and Paintball Breakout Players Kit

Units: 243,000

Manufacturer: Brass Eagle, of Bentonville, Ark.

Hazard: The carbon dioxide (CO2) cartridges can be forcibly ejected out the back of the paintball marker and break the plastic screw-on cap. This poses a serious risk of injury to the paintball marker's operator who can be hit forcefully by the CO2 cartridges or the plastic screw-on cap. Overtightening the screw-on cap after the cartridges are pierced can result in a serious injury.

Incidents/injuries: The firm has received reports of at least 73 incidents involving the recalled paintball markers, including seven injuries.

Description: The Blade Turbo paintball marker is bright blue with a black handgrip on the nozzle. Two CO2 cartridges are inserted into the back of the marker covered by a clear plastic screw-on cap. The silver-colored CO2 cartridges are about 3 inches long. The Paintball Breakout Players Kit includes a Blade Turbo, black mask and CO2 cartridges. Paintball markers sometimes are referred to as paintball guns.

Sold at: The Blade Turbo was sold at Wal-Mart, Kmart and sporting goods retailers nationwide from January 2005 through January 2006 for $20. The Paintball Breakout Players Kit was sold at Wal-Mart from October 2005 through January 2006 for about $25.

Remedy: Consumers should stop using the recalled Blade Turbo paintball marker and contact Brass Eagle to receive a free replacement screw-on cap.

Contact: Call (866) 363-8241, e-mail recall@brasseagle.comor visit

Product: Pro Flying Saucer

Units: 180,000

Importer/distributor: Creative Innovations & Sourcing LLC, of Pittsfield, Mass.

Hazard: The battery charger cord sold with these flying saucers can overcharge and cause the toy to overheat, posing a risk of fire.

Incidents/injuries: There have been at least 56 reports of overheating, smoking, melting and fire, including eight reports of minor property damage and seven reports of minor burns to hands or fingers.

Description: The Pro Flying Saucer is about 13 inches in diameter and comes in blue or yellow. It is made of Styrofoam and has a plastic propeller. The toy comes with a controller unit, launch pad and a battery charger cord. Item number M12037 is found on the product's packaging.

Sold by: QVC Inc. nationwide from November through December 2005 for$27 or $30.

Remedy: Consumers should stop using the product and contact QVC for instructions on how to return the battery charger cord for a replacement.

Contact: Call (800) 367-9444 or visit

Product: Girl Favors toy jewelry

Units: 144,500 sets

Importer: MTC – Man's Trading Co., of Brisbane, Calif.

Hazard: The recalled jewelry could break, releasing small beads that pose an aspiration hazard to young children.

Description: The jewelry includes various colored plastic bead bracelets, rings and necklaces on elastic strings. They were sold under the brand name Girl Favors and had the following item numbers and writing on the packaging:


Sold at: Dollar stores nationwide from July 2003 through December 2005 for about $1.

Remedy: Consumers should take these recalled items away from children and discard them or return them to the store where purchased for a refund.

Contact: Call (800) 388-7228, e-mail at mtcmans@aol.comor visit

Product: iPlay My First Mobile Phones

Units: 50,500

Distributor: International Playthings Inc., of Parsippany, N.J.

Hazard: The toy phone's yellow antenna can detach, posing a choking hazard to young children.

Description: My First Mobile phone is a red and blue flip style mobile phone with a yellow bear on the cover and a yellow hard plastic antenna. Various ring tones sound when the buttons are depressed. A mirror and a spinning star with a lady bug button is on the inside top cover.

Sold at: Specialty toy stores nationwide from August 2002 through November 2005 for about $13.

Remedy: Consumers should contact the firm to receive information on returning the product to receive a free replacement item of similar value.

Contact: Call (800) 445-8347 or visit

Product: Glowin' Dino and Glowin' Doggy animal flashlights

Units: 20,800

Manufacturer: Little Tikes Co., of Hudson, Ohio

Hazard: The green paint on the dinosaur-shaped flashlight and the brown paint on the dog-shaped flashlight could contain excess levels of lead. Lead is toxic if ingested by young children and can cause adverse health effects.

Description: The Glowin' Dino Flashlight roars and the Glowin' Doggy Flashlight barks when switched on. Flashlights with the following date codes are in included in the recall: LC5H161, LC5H291, LC5I031, LC5I091, LC5I131,LC5J061, LC5J231 and LC5J311. The date codes are found on the bottom of the flashlights.

Sold at: Target stores nationwide from November through December 2005 for about $10.

Remedy: Consumers should take the recalled flashlights away from young children and contact Little Tikes for a free replacement flashlight or refund.

Contact: Call (866) 765-6729 or visit

Product: Art Accentz Changlz metal charms

Units: 29,000

Importer: Provo Craft & Novelty Inc., of Spanish Fork, Utah.

Hazard: The recalled charms contain high levels of lead, posing a serious risk of lead poisoning and adverse health effects to young children.

Description: The charms are small silver-colored metal shapes that include flowers, bugs, pumpkins and picture frames. They were sold as decorations for craft projects such as scrapbooks, home décor and jewelry making.

Sold at: Small craft and scrapbook retail outlets from April 2004 through July 2005 and at Pamida Stores from January through April 2005, for about $3.

Remedy: Consumers should take the charms away from children and ensure any charms being used are not accessible to children.

Contact: Call (800) 955-9490.

Product: Youth hooded fleece with drawstring

Units: 22,000

Manufacturer: Next Marketing Inc., of Wabash, Ind.

Hazard: The garments have a drawstring through the hood, posing a strangulation hazard to children.

Description: The recalled garments were sold in a variety of colors and many have the names of colleges and universities printed or embroidered on them. A sewn-in tag reads, Lil Fan or LF 2.

Sold at: Web retailers, college bookstores and department stores nationwide from September 2003 through Dec. 10, 2005, for about $15.

Remedy: Consumers should remove or cut the drawstrings to eliminate the hazard, or return the garment to the store where purchased for help in removing the drawstring.

Contact: Call (866) 871-9978.

Product: Gentlease powdered infant formula

Units: 41,000 24-ounce cans of lot number BMJ 19 with a use-by date of “1 Jul 07” were distributed beginning on Dec. 15, 2005.

Hazard: The formula contains metal particles up to 2.7 millimeters in size. If an infant were to inhale the infant formula into the lungs, the particles could present a risk to the infant's respiratory system and throat.

Injuries/illnesses: No illnesses have been reported to date.

Remedy: Consumers should not use the product and should contact Mead Johnson.

Contact: Call (888) 587-7275.