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Units: About 500

Manufacturer: MamaLittleHelper LLC, of Frisco, Texas

Hazard: Shifting or tilting of the hammock can cause the infant to roll and become entrapped or wedged against the hammock’s fabric and/or mattress pad, resulting in a suffocation hazard.

Description: The MamaLittleHelper Hammocks with model numbers 1010, 1020 and BL222 have a steel frame and a fabric hammock with a mattress that are connected by a large spring, safety rope and a metal hanger. Model BL222 has a computerized rocker device. “MamaLittleHelper” is printed on a label sewn onto models 1010 and 1020.

Sold exclusively: Online at from May 2008 through February 2010 for $100 to $230.

Remedy: Find another sleeping environment for your baby and contact MamaLittleHelper for a free repair kit for hammock models 1010 and 1020. Return hammock model number BL222 to MamaLittleHelper in exchange for a new hammock.

Contact: Call 866-612-9986, visit or e-mail