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Units: About 1.1 million rings and 120,000 glasses

Importer: CEC Entertainment Inc., of Irving, Texas

Hazard: If crushed or pulled apart, the plastic casing can break into small pieces and may expose the batteries. If a child swallows the batteries, they can damage the stomach, intestine, esophagus or nasal mucus membrane.

Description: Light-up rings are made of plastic with a black elastic band and come in blue, green, purple, yellow and pink. Star glasses are made of clear red plastic.

Sold at: Chuck E. Cheese’s restaurants from April 2009 through June 2010 (rings) and April through August 2010 (glasses).

Remedy: Return rings to any Chuck E. Cheese location for a $1 refund plus four Chuck E. Cheese tokens or a Soccer Promo-Cup plus four tokens. Return glasses to any Chuck E. Cheese location for a $4.99 refund or a Flashing Hands prize.

Contact: Call 888-778-7193, e-mail or visit