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FYI: Resources for antibiotic stewardship, oral health, and more :

January 29, 2019

Antibiotic Stewardship Program toolkit

Deaths from antimicrobial-resistant infections could surpass cancer by 2050 as the No. 1 cause of mortality worldwide if no meaningful interventions occur. Local prevention of antibiotic resistance is necessary to change outcomes globally.

The AAP Section on Infectious Diseases, Pediatric Infectious Diseases Society and Health Care Without Harm developed a toolkit that guides pediatric antibiotic use in inpatient, outpatient, urgent care and emergency department settings.

The Pediatric Antibiotic Stewardship Program Toolkit explains how to start an inpatient or outpatient antibiotic stewardship program and links to reference materials from the AAP and other stakeholders. Access the toolkit at

Bright Futures Tool and Resource Kit, 2nd edition

The new Bright Futures Tool and Resource Kit, 2nd edition, provides health care professionals with an organized and integrated compilation of current forms and materials needed to perform a well-child visit on one site. The new online platform allows easy access to the Core Tools for Health Supervision Visits, including pre-visit questionnaires; visit documentation forms; parent and patient education handouts; and additional documentation forms and AAP-developed educational resources. Visit

For information on integrating Bright Futures Toolkit content into an electronic health record system and institutional licensing, visit

Oral health resources

  • The new Protect Tiny Teeth toolkit,, helps health professionals counsel pregnant women and their families about the importance of oral health. The AAP Section on Oral Health developed posters, infographics and a brochure with 12 FAQs. More clinical practice tools will be available this spring.
  • Addressing Tobacco in Dental Settings,, helps tackle tobacco’s toll on teeth with information from the Campaign for Dental Health and the AAP Julius B. Richmond Center of Excellence. Use the information to educate tobacco users about dental caries in children and adolescents from passive tobacco exposure and the link between tobacco use and an increased risk of oral cancer, periodontal disease and tooth loss.

Charts list commonly abused drugs

Have you ever heard of Captain Cody, lean, schoolboy, sizzurp or purple drank? All of these are street names for codeine, a prescription drug that is commonly abused by injecting, swallowing or mixing with soda and flavorings.

The National Institute on Drug Abuse is offering free double-sided charts listing commonly abused drugs, their street names, forms and ways taken, and their Drug Enforcement Agency classification. The charts also describe withdrawal symptoms and treatment options. Request up to 30 free charts or download a digital chart at

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