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Get smart about antibiotic prescribing :

November 9, 2015

Pediatricians can continue to do their part to ensure appropriate use of antibiotics during Get Smart About Antibiotics Week, Nov. 16-22. This annual observance raises awareness of the public health threat of antibiotic resistance and focuses on improving antibiotic implementation in health care settings.

Up to 50% of all the antibiotics prescribed for people are either not needed or are not optimally effective as prescribed. The Academy collaborates with the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) to guide pediatricians in treating infections with the goal of reducing unnecessary antibiotics prescriptions.

During Get Smart About Antibiotics Week, the CDC will release a report that shows a decrease in unnecessary pediatric prescribing. Visit for the full report.

Pediatricians also can find resources on optimal antibiotic use, including the CDC’s Get Smart: Know When Antibiotics Work program ( for outpatient settings and Get Smart for Healthcare ( for inpatient facilities. Access the AAP clinical report on judicious antibiotic use for upper respiratory infections at
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