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Have Fun With Pediatrics Editors in a Discussion of Peer-Reviewed Studies :

September 15, 2017

Editor's note: The 2017 AAP National Conference & Exhibition will take place from Sept. 16-19 in Chicago.

If you have stacks of journals piling up on your desk or links to studies that you hope to get to later, you may need only an hour and a half to catch up.

A session titled “Published Studies That Could Change the Way You Practice” will update busy practitioners on recent findings from the peer-reviewed literature.

The session will be led by Lewis First, MD, MS, FAAP, editor in chief of Pediatrics, and Alex Kemper, MD, MPH, MS, FAAP, deputy editor of Pediatrics. It will be held from 8:30-10:00 am Saturday (S1052) in Room W183 A of McCormick Place West Building and again from 2:00-3:30 pm Sunday (S2137) in Room W183 A.

“We will review recent studies published since the last National Conference, including research methods, results, strengths, and limitations, and how these findings can be of direct use for improving care delivery to children and families,” said Dr. Kemper, professor and division chief, ambulatory pediatrics, Nationwide Children’s Hospital, Columbus, Ohio.

While most of the 10 or so articles featured during the seminar will come from Pediatrics, studies from other pediatric peer-reviewed journals also may be discussed.

“We choose studies that address important and interesting problems that we all face and that use rigorous or novel research methods,” said Dr. First, professor and chair, Department of Pediatrics, University of Vermont Robert Larner, MD, College of Medicine, and chief of pediatrics, University of Vermont Children’s Hospital.

Articles also are selected based on online readership data, media attention, and citation information, and will be relevant to both pediatric generalists and specialists.

“Our goal is that everyone learns something new by attending this session,” Dr. Kemper said.

Last year, the editors dissected studies on predictors of infant sepsis, new information on vaccine safety and mental health treatments, the role of the microbiome in causing and treating common diseases, and cost-effective diagnostic workups.

“It’s not about finding the ‘best’ article,” Dr. Kemper said, “but presenting a collection of studies that we think are outstanding in terms of helping us improve the care we provide to our patients and their families.”

The pair also pointed out that the AAP News and Journals Gateway at http://www.aappublications.org/ can help pediatricians stay on top of the latest research. Options are available to filter articles that are most relevant to an individual’s needs, and the Topic Collections feature brings up all the studies and articles published on a key topic. AAP members also can have content delivered to them based on their interests or specialties.

The editors promise the session will be informative, educational, engaging, and fun.

“We won’t say more except you’ll leave with a smile on your face from knowing more about how to improve the care you deliver to your patients and from some of the surprise (and often humorous) features we build into our presentation,” Dr. First said.

Follow Dr. First on Twitter @lewis_first. Follow Dr. Kemper @alexrkemper.

For more coverage of the AAP National Conference & Exhibition visit http://bit.ly/2vm1VUU and follow AAPNews on Twitter and Facebook.

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