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Health Alerts: Toy trucks, children's coats, and more recalled :

March 23, 2016

The U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC) has announced the recall of the following products. Consumers should stop using recalled products unless otherwise instructed. Consumers can submit reports of harm to CPSC’s searchable online product safety database at A searchable food and medical product recall database is available at

Remote-controlled toy trucks

Units: About 27,000

Hazard: The toy truck’s remote control can short circuit, overheat, and pose fire and burn hazards.

Description: Recalled are remote-controlled toy excavators and shovel loaders. The plastic toys are orange with black and orange wheels and have tracking code 90RWE15 marked on the back of the battery compartment. Power, Shovel Loader and Super Power are printed on stickers on the side of the excavator. 6000Kg Peakload, FL-330 Deluxe Crane and Crane Super Truck are printed on stickers on the side of the shovel loader.

Sold exclusively at: Dollar General stores nationwide and online at from July through December 2015 for about $10.

Remedy: Contact Dollar General for a refund.

Contact: Call 800-678-9258, email or visit


Children’s coats

Units: About 16,400

Hazard: The buttons on the front of the coat can come off, and young children can choke on them.

Description: Crewcuts brand girls’ puffer coats were sold in maroon, navy blue and pink. The coats are padded with geometric squares with six buttons down the front of the coat. A faux fur trim lines the hood. Coats were sold in girls sizes 2-14. Only coats with style number C9048 and PO numbers 5055794, 5056319, 50565325, 8053606, 8053098 or 8053603 are recalled. The style and PO number are printed on a care label sewn into the inside seam of the coats along with “FA 15” or “HO 15.”

Sold at: J. Crew and Crewcuts stores nationwide, the J. Crew catalog and at from August 2015 through January 2016 for about $155.

Remedy: Return coats to J. Crew or Crewcuts stores for a refund. Online customers will receive an email with instructions for returning the coats for a refund, including a postage-paid shipping label.

Contact: Call 800-261-8422, email or visit


High chairs

Units: About 5,600

Hazard: The arm bar can bend or come off during use, and children can fall out.

Description: Recalled are ZAAZ high chairs in eight models: HC-07-004 (pewter), HC-07-005 (carbon), HC-07-006 (plum), HC-07-009 (almond), HC-08-004 (pewter), HC-08-005 (carbon), HC-08-006 (plum) and HC-08-009 (almond). ZAAZ and the model number are printed under the high chair seat on a white sticker. “Nuna” is printed above the footrest of the unit.

Sold at: Albee Baby, Giggle, Magic Bean, Nordstrom and other specialty stores nationwide and at, and other online retailers from February 2013 through November 2015 for $250 to $300.

Remedy: Contact the firm for a new arm bar and instructions on how to replace it.

Contact: Call 855-686-2872 or visit


Backyard zip lines

Units: About 5,700

Hazard: A crimp in the zip line can fail allowing the cable to pull free or become slack, and users can fall.

Description: Recalled are BYA Sports Skyline backyard zip line kits sold with 60-, 75- and 90-foot cable lengths. The kits contain a main cable, trolley, short cable, turnbuckle and u-clamps.

Sold at: REI and other sporting goods stores nationwide and at from August 2013 through July 2015 for $100 to $130.

Remedy: Contact BYA Sports for a replacement kit.

Contact: Call 303-443-0163 or visit



Units: About 4,000 pairs

Hazard: Pompoms can detach, and young children can choke on them.

Description: Classic Characters’ infant knit Elf Booties sold in sizes 6 through 12 months are recalled. The infant booties are green with red and white trim and a yellow pompom on the tip of the toe.

Sold exclusively at: Cracker Barrel Old Country Store nationwide and at from September through November 2015 for about $13.

Remedy: Return booties to a Cracker Barrel Old Country Store for a refund, or contact Classic Characters for return instructions.

Contact: Call 866-274-3452 or visit



Units: About 670

Hazard: Ball bearings inside the rattle can be released, and young children can choke on them.

Description: Wedgwood Peter Rabbit decorative baby rattles are silver-plated giftware shaped like a baby rattle, intended as decoration only. A Peter Rabbit figure and “hop hop hop” underneath are embossed on one end cap, and “hop little rabbit” over the Peter Rabbit figure is embossed on the other end cap.

Sold at: Bloomingdales, Macy’s, WWRD Outlets and other department stores nationwide and at and from April through December 2015 for $75 to $95.

Remedy: Contact WWRD for a refund.

Contact: Call 877-892-9973.

Ski/snowboard helmets

Units: About 260

Hazard: The helmets do not meet safety standards for helmets.

Description: Recalled are six models of HEAD ski and snowboard helmets: Agent, Alia, Andor, Arise, Arosa and Avril sold in sizes M/L and XL/XXL in black, blue, green, white and yellow, with straps in a variety of colors. HEAD, the model name, size and “Production Code: Dec. 2014” are printed on stickers underneath the lining above the right earpiece.

Sold at: Specialty ski and snowboard shops and online from January through December 2015 for $80 to $120.

Remedy: Contact company for a replacement helmet.

Contact: Call 800-874-3235 or visit

Money glockenspiel

Units: About 150

Hazard: The pink metal note bar on the glockenspiel may contain lead in the paint. Lead can cause health problems in children.

Description: The Green Tones 8-note Monkey Glockenspiel is a children’s musical instrument with metal bars in multiple colors mounted on a wooden base shaped like a monkey. The second bar from the top is pink and has a “B” stamped on it. This bar needs to be replaced. The Green Tones logo is stamped on the back of the glockenspiel, and tracking number HS0178410914 is printed at the bottom.

Sold at: Independent toy and music retailers and at and from January through September 2015 for about $40.

Remedy: Remove the pink bar from the glockenspiel and contact KHS America for a replacement pink bar.

Contact: Call 800-283-4676 or visit

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