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Health Alerts: Video game chargers, sleepwear, and more recalled :

April 18, 2017

The U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC) has announced the recall of the following products. Consumers should stop using recalled products unless otherwise instructed. Consumers can submit reports of harm to CPSC’s searchable online product safety database at A searchable food and medical product recall database is available at

Battery chargers for Xbox

Units: About 121,000

Hazard: The battery chargers can overheat and damage the video game controller, posing a burn hazard.

Description: Energizer Xbox One 2X smart chargers used to charge X-box One video game controllers are black plastic. “Energizer” is printed on the charger’s label. Item number 048-052-NA is printed on the bottom of the chargers. The chargers hold up to two Xbox controllers.

Sold at: Best Buy, GameStop and other stores nationwide and online at and other online retailers from February 2016 through February 2017 for about $40.

Remedy: Contact the company to return chargers for a refund.

Contact: Call 800-263-1156 or visit


Tic tac toe toys

Units: About 19,000

Hazard: The magnets can come off the tic tac toe game pieces, posing a choking hazard. If two or more magnets are swallowed, they can link together inside the intestines and clamp onto body tissues, causing serious injuries and death.

Description: The magnetic tic tac toe plywood board has nine “X” and “Heart” game pieces. The game pieces have a magnet on the back. Model number “234-25-1089” is printed on the bottom right corner of the product.

Sold exclusively at: Target stores nationwide from December 2016 through February 2017 for about $5.

Remedy: Return the tic tac toe game to any Target store for a refund.

Contact: Call 800-440-0680 or visit


Infant baseball caps

Units: About 14,500

Hazard: The button on the top of the cap can detach, posing a choking hazard.

Description: Recalled are John Deere gray infant baseball caps with a green tractor design. The caps were sold in one size (infant 6-12 months). Style number “JSH721HF” and manufacture date 11/2016 are printed on the sewn-in care label inside the back of the caps.  

Sold at: Tractor Supply Company and farm and ranch stores nationwide from January through March for $10 to $16.

Remedy: Contact the firm for a refund, including shipping cost.

Contact: Call 877-429-7637 or visit


Toy trolleys

Units: About 9,900

Hazard: The toy trolleys can tip backward, and children can be injured.

Description: Four Bricolo by Janod push toy trolleys are recalled. The French Cocotte Cooker trolley is red with orange wheels and includes a cooktop with fried egg shapes, an oven and eight accessories; J06544 is printed on the toy base. The DIY-Magnetic trolley is gray and black with red wheels with work station and tools; J06505 is printed on the base. The Redmaster-Magnetic DIY trolley is black and gray with red wheels and accessories, including three magnetic tools and a set of gears; J06493 is printed on the base. The Barbecue trolley is brightly colored and comes with a magnetic spatula, magnetic barbecue fork and play food; J06523 is printed on the base.

Sold at: Toy stores including Giggle, Saks Fifth Avenue and online at from September 2012 to March 2017 for about $100. The Janod Barbecue trolley sold for about $70.

Remedy: Keep away from children until repair kit is installed. Contact Juratoys for a repair kit and instructions, tools and footers to prevent the toy from tipping backward.

Contact: Call 877-277-1663 or visit


Flammable sleepwear

Units: About 1,200

Hazard: The children’s robes and pajama sets fail to meet federal flammability standards for children’s sleepwear, posing a risk of burn injuries.

Description: Recalled are children’s robes and two-piece pajama sets. The pajama sets came in a variety of colors and patterns in sizes 12-18 months through size 12Y. They include a long-sleeve top and pants and have a sewn-in side fabric label that has “LIVLY,” “” and RN number 146214 printed on it. The recalled robes in sizes S, M and L have a chest pocket on the left side with the word “Mini” embroidered on it, two pockets at the bottom and one snap-closure on the right side above the abdomen for closure. An outline of a sleeping face is embroidered on the back of the robe.

Sold at: Baby Elaine, Bluebelle, Le Bambini, The Hosiery Boutique, LIVLY and other specialty stores and online at, and other websites from February 2016 through January 2017 for about $55 for the pajama sets and $78 for the robes.

Remedy: Contact the company for a refund.

Contact: Call 844-350-7728 or visit


School art bibs, smocks

Units: About 10,400 packages

Hazard: The bib has a waterproof plastic backing that can separate from the terry cloth fabric, creating a suffocation hazard.

Description: Recalled are Environments-brand children’s waterproof-back terry bibs sold in packages of 12. Two styles of bibs recalled include the “Pocket” style bib with an adjustable snap closure and the “Cover-Up” style bib with cap sleeves and smock-back snap closures. Both styles came in blue and have clear plastic waterproof backing. “Environments, Inc.” and SKU number 900822 or 900823 is printed on a label affixed to the bib.

Sold at: and nationwide from January 2008 to October 2016 for about $50 for the pocket bib set and $70 for the cover-up set.

Remedy: Contact Discount School Supply for a refund.

Contact: Call 800-338-4430, email or visit


Hooded sweatshirts

Units: About 2,600

Hazard: The hooded sweatshirts have a drawstring in the hood, which poses a strangulation hazard to children. Drawstrings can become entangled or caught on playground slides, hand rails, school bus doors or other moving objects.

Description: This recall involves RDG Global girls’ olive green-colored hooded sweatshirts with drawstrings inside the lining of the hood. The sweatshirts are polyester and spandex with a sherpa-lined hood. There is an asymmetric zipper on the front. They were sold in girls’ sizes S (6-7), M (8-10), and L (12).  A blue size label with “Freshman 1996” and “Made in China” is located at the center back neck of the sweatshirts. Another label in the neck seam has the words RDG Global LLC and VB740 and 8K80375N. A label in the side seam has the care instructions and RN# 146919.  

Sold exclusively at: Nordstrom stores nationwide and online at from November 2016 through January 2017 for about $60.

Remedy: Remove the drawstrings to eliminate the hazard, or contact the company or store for a refund.

Contact: Call 844-851-9979 or visit



Units: About 500

Hazard: The lithium-ion battery packs in the self-balancing scooters/hoverboards can overheat and smoke, posing an explosion and fire hazard.

Description: Recalled are Vecaro brand Glide65, Drift8 and Trek10 self-balancing scooters, commonly referred to as hoverboards. The boards have “Vecaro” printed on the front outer casing and come in black, white, red, blue, metallic gold, metallic silver, graffiti white print, and red flame print. The model number is on the right for both the Glide65 and Drift8. The Trek10 model number is on top of the board.

Sold at: The Audio Shop and Stereo Zone in California and online at from November 2015 through November 2016 for $300 to $400.

Remedy: Contact Vecaro to return the unit to receive a repair or a credit toward the purchase of a UL 2272-certified Vecaro Glide or Glide-X. 

Contact: Call 855-637-4061 or visit

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