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In Memoriam (4) :

June 23, 2016

John Bartlett, M.D., FAAP, of Fort Myers, Fla., died Feb. 15 at age 73 after a short illness.

William F. Clardy, M.D., FAAP, of Hot Springs, Ark., died Feb. 2 at age 68.

Kenneth J. Darcy, M.D., FAAP, of Natchitoches, La., died May 14 at age 76.

Robert H. Drachman, M.D., FAAP, of Tinmouth, Vt., died Jan. 21 at age 87 following a long illness.

Robert D. Jackson, M.D., FAAP, of Shreveport, La., died March 20 at age 75.

Arthur G. Kreischer, M.D., FAAP, of Chevy Chase, Md., died Jan. 12 at age 80.

Marilyn Nelson, M.D., FAAP, of Owatonna, Minn., died of complications following a stroke Dec. 21 at age 81.

George P. Rizzone, M.D., FAAP, of Lynnfield, Mass., died Dec. 30 at age 91.

Harold O. Shapiro, M.D., FAAP, of Vernon, Conn., died April 18 at age 79.

Robert C. Strunk, M.D., FAAP, of St. Louis, Mo., died April 28 at age 73.

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