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New application allows tailored access to activities, credit management :

October 18, 2018

Hilary Haftel, M.D., M.H.P.E., FAAP, didn’t have to pack her continuing medical education (CME) record when she moved from Michigan to Illinois in August. The new senior vice president of AAP Education knew that once she arrived, her record would be easy to find in the AAP Activities & Credit Management tool.

It’s the latest Digital Transformation Initiative, intent on connecting, simplifying and personalizing AAP members’ experiences.

Like an electronic medical record for your CME, the AAP tool is portable and accessible anywhere.

“We want it to be one-stop shopping. Even if you change states, the AAP stays the same,” Dr. Haftel said.

The Activities & Credit Management tool is part of the AAP Digital Transformation Initiative designed to help members Connect: Login to your Activities & Credit Management tool at Simplify: View and claim credit. You'll only see what you can claim. And Personalize: Filter and sort CME activities.

What’s new?

When you access your account, you will notice a more personalized feel with advanced features that focus on individual needs. The modern interface is based on a flexible digital platform that the Academy can adapt as members’ needs change.

“It’s portable, simpler and easier to use,” Dr. Haftel said, adding that the AAP heavily weighed member feedback in the redesign. The Activities & Credit Management tool accommodates all members, regardless of their familiarity and comfort level with technology.

You will experience faster, easier and more user-centric navigation. The searching capabilities are broad. Filters allow you to narrow and find information by name, activity type, year and whether you have claimed the activity or not.

Tabs no longer separate AAP credit from American Board of Pediatrics credit. All activities are now centralized, so you don’t have to remember what type of credit you are claiming. For some, this caused confusion in the past. If you liked that option, however, you can filter your data by category.

Activities also are linked. For example, journal subscribers now can claim credit for individual articles read. The claimed articles link back to the main product subscription.

Additionally, for the first time you can search within all of your CME or Maintenance of Certification activities. If you are unable to recall the activity name or would like to search more narrowly in a category, a new option allows you to filter by year, activity status (all, claimed, eligible, expired, in progress) or the learning format (live activity, journal-based activity, enduring material, etc.). There is no need to scroll through pages of activities. The filters allow you to see only what you are interested in.

Credit claiming is handled in one place. If you are eligible to claim a credit for an activity, there will be a claim button on that activity in your main management screen. The tool still allows members to self-claim credit for applicable activities.

More to come

The tool is part of the AAP’s Digital Transformation Initiative to overhaul digital platforms and communications. The multi-year initiative is part of the AAP strategic plan to enhance communication across platforms with members and stakeholders.

Dr. Haftel is excited that the tool will be available for members in November. She sees it as an important part of members’ educational home, which provides quality CME. AAP CME programs consistently earn the highest certification from the Accreditation Council for Continuing Medical Education.

“We take CME and accreditation seriously,” Dr. Haftel said. “We want to give our members that same reassurance of quality.”

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