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Pediatricians, practice administrators share lessons learned during pandemic

February 17, 2021

AAP News reached out to pediatricians and practice administrators on social media and asked what lesson they learned during the pandemic — professional, personal, serious or tongue-in-cheek. Here’s what they told us.


“I have learned that children are the unsung heroes of this pandemic. They have adapted to Zoom, worn masks, washed their hands to the tune of ‘Happy Birthday’ 10 times a day and have done it all with smiles on their faces.”

-- Milagros C. Ariza, M.D., FAAP, pediatrician at West End Pediatrics, Washington, D.C.




“It has never been more clear that advocacy and using our voice and knowledge as pediatricians to influence public policy is more needed than ever to help begin to repair these broken systems and help us be prepared for the next public health emergency.”

-- Deepa Mokshagundam, M.D., FAAP, assistant professor of pediatrics, pediatric cardiology, Washington University, St. Louis



“That telemedicine is a valuable tool to add to our practices for the long-haul. Even after the pandemic ends, it has useful applications to enhancing pediatric practices.”

-- Paola Leal Ramirez, M.D., FAAP,telemedicine pediatrician, Teladoc




“Kids tend to be resilient. They’ll adjust. Support them.”

-- Philip G. Miller M.D., pediatrician at Neighborhood Health Center, Portland, Ore.





“That the emotional fallout from COVID-19 is far, far worse than the rare physical ones in all ages.”

-- Rick MacDonald, M.D., FRCP(C), FAAP, DABP, pediatrician, Halton Healthcare, Oakville, Ontario, Canada




“That wearing masks could have saved thousands of kids’ lives that previously died of influenza.”

-- Katie Copeland M.D., FAAP,general pediatrician with Saltzer Health, Meridian, Idaho



“Pediatric practice administrator lessons here … Nothing is permanent! Flexibility and innovation = survival. We're stronger and capable of more than we give ourselves credit for!”

-- Kimberly Brennan, M.B.A., CMPE, practice administrator, Section on Administration and Practice Management affiliate member, Palm Beach Pediatrics, Fla.



“The rules, guidelines and best practices for today may change tomorrow. We use the best information we have at our disposal at any given moment to make the best decisions we can. Be patient (with staff AND families), be understanding (it’s a lot and super confusing sometimes) and know that everyone is trying to muddle through all of this as best as they can.”

-- Jamie M. Johnson, practice administrator, Section on Administration and Practice Management affiliate member, 18 & Under MD, Flower Mound, Texas



“Modeling how to open your mouth and say ‘ah’ is not effective when in a mask. I keep trying.”

-- Nicole K. Groves, M.D., FAAP, pediatrician at AdventHealth, Hendersonville, N.C. 




“‘It's just allergies.’ I've lost track of the number of people who have tested positive (for COVID-19) after saying that, meanwhile exposing others because they didn't think their congestion and coughing could be symptoms of COVID and didn't follow the recommendation to isolate.”

-- Michael Sachs, M.D., FAAP, private practice pediatrician in California 

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