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Session on appendicitis to cover new research on treatment options :

October 3, 2018

Editor's note:The 2018 AAP National Conference & Exhibition  will take place from Nov. 2-6 in Orlando.

Saleem Islam, M.D., M.P.H., FAAP, will present “Appendicitis in the 21st Century” from 3-3:45 p.m. today (F2111) in room W311EF of the convention center and again from 7:30-8:15 a.m. Monday (F3011) in room W414CD.

Dr. Islam is a member of the AAP Section on Surgery and professor and division chief of pediatric surgery at University of Florida College of Medicine.

Q: What are the key things you will be covering during the session?

A: Appendicitis is an “old” disease which remains common and disproportionately affects children. The key points of accurate diagnosis, appropriate use of labs and imaging, and prompt therapy will be discussed. In addition, the latest research on outcomes and treatment options will be presented.

Q: Why should pediatricians attend?

A: Pediatric providers are the frontline people who help with early and appropriate diagnosis and referral. A comprehensive discussion of best practices, therapies and outcomes will be very helpful for them.

Q: Why are you interested in this topic?

A: Appendicitis remains a very common surgical condition, and complications from delayed recognition and treatment still exist. We can, and should, be able to do better.

Q: What is the take-home message of the session?

A: Thoughtful workup of abdominal pain in children can help in early identification and treatment of appendicitis. It’s up to us all!

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