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Survey: 95% of Louisiana residents support vaccination to protect children :

December 5, 2019

About 95% of Louisiana residents said vaccines are important to protect infants and children, according to a new survey.

“While vaccine hesitancy has gained momentum nationally as a consequence of misinformation, Louisiana families understand and appreciate the role vaccines play in keeping their children safe and healthy,” John Vanchiere, M.D., Ph.D., FAAP, immediate past president of the Louisiana Chapter of the AAP, said in a press release.

The chapter commissioned the poll, which was based on 700 phone surveys. Data also showed:

  • 92% believe vaccines are important to protect adults:
  • 92% believe it is important to have all children vaccinated to protect other children who can’t be vaccinated:
  • 91% believe school age children should be immunized to attend school,
  • 91% believe vaccines are safe and useful:
  • 79% believe mandatory vaccination is acceptable during a disease outbreak; and
  • 54% support laws to reduce vaccine exemptions.

Younger respondents tended to view vaccines more favorably than older respondents. Chapter leaders said they would continue to expand educational and advocacy efforts to help families make informed decisions.

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