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Target firearm injury prevention on ASK Day :

June 21, 2017

Gun violence is a problem in more than half of pediatricians’ communities, according to an AAP Periodic Survey. To address its impact on children, the Academy launched an initiative last year targeting gun violence and intolerance. Pediatricians also can support firearms prevention during an AAP-backed campaign.

The Asking Saves Kids (ASK) campaign prompts pediatricians to remind families why they should ask if there are guns in homes where their children play. If so, guns should be unloaded and safely secured away from curious children. On ASK Day, June 21, pediatricians can participate via social media by using #AskingSavesKids. The campaign is a collaboration between the Academy and the Brady Center to Prevent Gun Violence.

Continue to keep current on gun violence prevention efforts during the AAP National Conference & Exhibition. On Sept. 17, plenary speaker J. Gary Wheeler, M.D., M.P.S., FAAP, will explain how members can join efforts to protect children from gun violence. Visit for details.

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