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Health Alerts: Infant sleep positioners, bouncer seats, and more

October 17, 2017

Warning on infant sleep positioners

Parents and caregivers are being warned not to put infants in sleep positioners because they can cause a baby to struggle to breathe and lead to death.

The Food and Drug Administration issued the warning in response to reports of babies who have died from suffocation associated with the sleep positioners, also called nests or anti-roll products. In most cases, the babies suffocated after rolling from their sides to their stomachs.

Two of the most common types of sleep positioners have supports attached to each side of a mat or a wedge used to raise a baby’s head. The positioners are meant to keep infants under 6 months old in a specific position while sleeping.

The American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP) recommends that infants sleep on their backs, positioned on a firm sleep surface that meets Consumer Product Safety Commission standards. This surface should not include any soft objects, toys, pillows or loose bedding.

To reduce the risk of sleep-related infant deaths, including accidental suffocation and sudden infant death syndrome, follow the ABCs of safe infant sleep: Alone on the Back in a bare Crib. For details, visit AAP at

Report adverse events or side effects related to sleep positioners at or call 800-332-1088 to request a form.


Bouncer seat safety

Infant bouncer seats should be placed in stable locations, and safety restraints should be used to protect infants from falling, according to the Consumer Product Safety Commission.

Bouncer seats support babies in a reclined position and allow them to bounce. Since 2006, 347 incidents related to bouncer seats have been reported, including 12 deaths, concussions and skull fractures.

Follow these tips to help prevent injuries:

  • Always use the bouncer on the floor, never on a countertop, table or other elevated surface.
  • Never place the bouncer on a bed, sofa or other soft surface because babies have suffocated when bouncers tipped over onto soft surfaces.
  • Always use restraints and adjust restraints to fit snugly.
  • Stay near and watch the baby during use.
  • Stop using the bouncer when a child can sit up alone or weighs 20 pounds or reaches the weight limit on the label.

The American Academy of Pediatrics urges parents not to use sitting devices, including car safety seats, strollers, swings, infant carriers and infant slings for routine sleep. Infants who are younger than 4 months are especially at risk because they might assume positions that can create risk of suffocation or airway obstruction. Infants who fall asleep in a sitting device should be moved to a crib or other safe sleep surface.


The U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC) has announced the recall of the following products. Consumers should stop using recalled products unless otherwise instructed. Consumers can submit reports of harm to CPSC’s searchable online product safety database at A searchable food and medical product recall database is available at

Children’s plates, bowls

Units: About 3.6 million

Hazard: The clear, plastic layer over the graphics can peel off, posing a choking hazard to young children.

Description: Recalled are Playtex plates and bowls for children with various printed designs, including cars, construction scenes, giraffes, princesses and superheroes. Dishes were sold separately and as sets.

Sold at: Babies “R” Us, Target, Walmart and other stores nationwide and online at from October 2009 through August 2017 for about $2.50 for a plate or bowl and $15 for the set.

Remedy: Contact the company for a refund.

Contact: Call 888-220-2075 or visit


Chests of drawers

Units: About 1.6 million

Hazard: If the chests of drawers are not anchored to the wall, they can tip over and trap, injure or kill children.

Description: Recalled are Mainstays four-drawer chests with a decorative pull on each drawer. The composite wood chests were sold in six colors: alder, black forest, white, weathered oak, walnut and ruby red. Recalled model numbers are 5412012WP, 5412301WP, 5412328WP, 5412015WY, 5412301WY, 5412012PCOM, 5412015PCOM, 5412026PCOM, 5412213PCOM, 5412214PCOM, 5412301PCOM, 5412317PCOM and 5412328PCOM. The number is printed on the instruction manual.

Remedy: Contact Ameriwood for a repair kit, wall anchoring device and feet. For installation guidance, contact Ameriwood.

Contact: Call 888-222-7460 or visit



Units: About 175,000

Hazard: If the dressers are not anchored to the wall, they can tip over and trap, injure or kill children.

Description: Recalled are Room Essentials four-drawer dressers sold in three colors. Model number 249-05-0103 (black), 249-05-0106 (espresso) or 249-05-0109 (maple) is printed on the product’s packaging.

Sold exclusively at: Target stores nationwide and online at from January 2013 through April 2016 for about $118.

Remedy: Return the dresser to any Target store for a refund.

Contact: Call 800-440-0680 or visit



Units: About 130,000

Hazard: The USB wall power adapter can break, posing an electrical shock hazard.

Description: This recall involves Skip Hop’s Moonlight & Melodies owl and elephant nightlight soothers that play melodies or nature sounds and project images.

Sold at: Babies “R” Us, Buy Buy Baby, Target and other retailers nationwide and online at and from July 2016 through August 2017 for about $40.

Remedy: Contact Skip Hop for instructions on returning the USB wall power adapter with a prepaid shipping label, and receive a repair kit and a USB wall adapter.

Contact: Call 888-282-4674, email or visit


Troll book, bracelet

Units: About 79,000

Hazard: The metal band can wear through the fabric covering of the slap bracelet and cut the person wearing the bracelet.

Description: The recalled slap bracelets were included with DreamWorks Trolls: It's Hug Time! children's storybooks.

Sold at: Book and other retail stores nationwide, book fairs and clubs, and online at,, and other online retailers from September 2016 through August 2017 for about $13.

Remedy: Contact the company for instructions on discarding the bracelet and to receive a free Trolls book.

Contact: Call 800-489-3402 or visit



Units: About 13,050

Hazard: The lit firework can tip over and fire shells at bystanders, posing burn, fire and impact hazards.

Description: Recalled are Fireworks Over America Serious Spinout multi-effect fireworks sold individually and by the case. Product code FOA 2773 is printed on the back panel. The fireworks consist of eight tubes wrapped in colorful paper and bundled together. “Serious Spinout,” “Warning” and an image of two yellow cars are printed on the front panel.

Sold at: Fireworks Over America wholesale distribution centers and retail fireworks stores, tents and stands nationwide from October 2016 through July 2017 for about $10.

Remedy: Contact the company for a refund.

Contact: Call 800-345-3957 or email


Ski helmets

Units: About 7,000

Hazard: The helmet’s buckle can disengage, posing a risk of head injury.

Description: All 2016 and 2017 Smith Quantum ski and snowboard helmets are recalled. They were sold in sizes S, M, L and XL in black/charcoal, white/charcoal, red/charcoal, blue, olive green, bright green/black and gray.

Remedy: Contact the company for return and repair instructions.

Contact: Call 833-459-0417, email or visit


Multisport helmets

Units: About 4,600

Hazard: The helmet buckle does not meet safety standards and puts the user at risk of head injury.

Description: The Pro-Tec City Lite and Pro-Tec Street Lite adult multisport helmets have chin straps secured by plastic buckles and were sold in sizes S, M, L and XL. “ERGO-LOK” and “UTX D-FLEX” logos are printed on the buckles. “Pro-Tec City Lite” or “Pro-Tec Street Lite” labels are printed inside the helmet.

Sold at: McCully Bicycle & Sporting Goods, Quality Bicycle Products, Uncle Funky’s Boards and other sports specialty stores nationwide, and online at and from February 2016 through January 2017 for about $80 for the City Lite helmet and about $60 for the Street Lite helmet.

Remedy: Return helmets to Pro-Tec for a refund.

Contact: Call 844-368-3695 or visit


Toddler fleece pullovers

Units: About 2,000

Hazard: The snaps on the fleece pullovers can fall off and children can choke on them.

Description: Recalled are L.L. Bean toddler sweater fleece pullovers sold in sizes 2T, 3T and 4T. The pullovers have blue trim and were sold in three colors; red, heather gray and light lilac. They have four snaps, two pockets and the L.L. Bean logo tag on the front. Item number 300206 and lot 02/17 are printed on tags attached to the neckline.

Sold exclusively at: L.L. Bean stores nationwide, L.L. Bean catalog and online at from April through August 2017 for about $50.

Remedy: Contact the company for a refund.

Contact: Call 800-555-9717 or visit



Units: About 1,500

Hazard: Rattles sewn into the booties can detach, posing a choking hazard.

Description: Recalled are Nat & Jules brand story time bib and bootie sets for infants, ages 3 through 6 months. The multicolored pastel sets were sold in dragon, unicorn, sea creature, princess, pirate or rocket ship themes. Serial numbers range from 5004700491 to 5004700496 and are printed on the side of the bib. Rattle attachments are sewn into the booties.

Sold at: Christus Health Retail Systems, Joseph-Beth Booksellers, More Than Words, The Mole Hole of Peddler’s Village & Eash Sales from June through August for about $25.

Remedy: Return to any store that sells Demdaco’s products for a refund.

Contact: Call 888-336-3226 or visit

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