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Vaping-related lung injuries :

October 8, 2019

There have been 2,758 cases of serious lung illness and 64 deaths linked to vaping as of Feb. 4. Below is AAP News coverage of the growing number of illnesses and recommendations from the CDC.

CDC: Vaping-related lung injuries linked to 64 deaths, 2,758 hospitalizations
Feb. 11, 2020 -- Deaths have occurred 28 states and hospitalizations have been recorded in all 50 as well as Washington, D.C., Puerto Rico and the U.S. Virgin Islands.


CDC: 2,711 hospitalized, 60 dead from vaping-related lung injuries
Jan. 28, 2020 -- Hospitalizations and deaths from vaping-related lung injuries continue to slow.


CDC: 3 more deaths, 66 more hospitalizations from vaping-related lung injuries
Jan. 16, 2020 -- The increases over last week bring the total case counts to 60 deaths and 2,668 hospitalizations.


CDC: 57 dead, 2,602 hospitalized from vaping-related lung injuries
Jan. 9, 2020 -- While the CDC believes cases peaked in September, the case counts continue to grow.


CDC updates vaping-related lung injury guidance, link to vitamin E acetate
Dec. 20, 2019 -- Federal health officials say most vaping-related lung injuries in recent months are linked to tetrahydrocannabinol (THC)-containing products diluted with vitamin E acetate.


CDC: 54 dead, 2,506 hospitalized from vaping-related lung injuries
Dec. 19, 2019 -- Vaping-related lung injuries have been linked to two more deaths and 97 more hospitalizations.


Study finds spike in teen marijuana vaping
Dec. 18, 2019 -- About 14% of 12th-graders vaped marijuana in the past month, nearly double the rate in 2018.


4 more vaping-related deaths reported
Dec. 12, 2019 -- In total, 52 people have died and 2,409 have been hospitalized from vaping-related lung injuries.


CDC: Dank Vapes popular among vaping lung injury patients
Dec. 6, 2019 -- About 80% of hospitalized patients used a vaping product containing THC. Roughly 56% of those patients used Dank Vapes, which the CDC described as “a class of largely counterfeit THC-containing products of unknown origin.”


How to code for lung injuries associated with vaping
Nov, 21, 2019 -- The guidance details the use of ICD-10-CM codes and is consistent with current clinical knowledge about e-cigarette, or vaping, related disorders.


CDC: 5 more people have died after vaping
Nov. 21, 2019 -- In total, 47 people have died and 2,290 have gotten sick. Most patients are male and under the age of 35.


CDC updates guidance on managing vaping-related lung injuries
Nov. 19, 2019 -- In the coming months it may be harder to distinguish vaping-related lung injuries from respiratory illnesses that are circulating during flu season.


CDC: Vaping linked to 2,172 lung injuries, 42 deaths
Nov. 14, 2019 -- Cases have been reported in every state except Alaska. About 70% are male and the median age is 24.


CDC: stronger evidence vitamin E linked to vaping-related lung injuries
Nov. 8, 2019 -- The CDC found vitamin E acetate in all 29 lung fluid samples tested, although they haven’t ruled out other potential causes.


CDC: Vaping-related lung injuries top 2,000
Nov. 7, 2019 -- Two more people have died after vaping and 163 more have experienced vaping-related lung injuries.


CDC: Vaping-related lung injuries rise to 1,888 with 37 deaths
Oct. 31, 2019 -- The number of patients increased by 284 and deaths increased by three over the previous week.


CDC: Vaping-related lung injuries continue to rise
Oct. 24 -- At least 1,604 people have experienced vaping-related lung injuries and 34 have died. 


CDC updates guidance on evaluating, treating patients with vaping-related lung injury
Oct. 11, 2019 -- Evaluations may include pulse oximetry, chest radiograph, infectious disease evaluation, complete blood count, toxicology testing and more. 


CDC: Vaping linked to 26 deaths, 1,299 lung injuries
Oct. 10, 2019 -- About 70% of patients have been male and 80% are under 35 years. Patients who have died ranged in age from 17 to 75 years.


CDC: Vaping-related illnesses surpass 1,000 including 18 deaths
Oct. 3, 2019 -- The growing case count comes amid new research that found the injuries may be linked to toxic chemicals, although no one product or substance is involved in all cases. 


CDC releases new vaping reports, updates guidance
Sept. 27, 2019 -- The CDC still is unsure of the specific cause of the lung injuries. However, two reports released today in Morbidity and Mortality Weekly Report  suggest that products containing tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) play a role.


CDC: Vaping-related lung injuries top 800
Sept. 27, 2019 -- Thirty-eight percent of patients with lung injury associated with e-cigarette use are 21 years or younger, and 16% are under 18, according to the CDC.


CDC: Vaping-related illnesses grow to 530 including 7 deaths
Sept. 19, 2019 -- The CDC recommends people consider not using vaping products while the investigation continues. Those who do use them should not purchase products off the street. Youths, young adults and pregnant women should never use e-cigarettes. 


CDC activates Emergency Operations Center in response to vaping-related illnesses
Sept. 16, 2019 -- “Activation of CDC’s Emergency Operations Center allows us to enhance operations and provide additional support to CDC staff working to protect our Nation from this serious health threat," CDC Director Robert Redfield, M.D., said in a news release.


CDC: 380 confirmed, probable vaping illnesses under new definition
Sept. 13, 2019 -- The CDC previously reported at least 450 possible cases under investigation but said it now would only report on those that were confirmed or probable.


AAP commends federal proposal to ban unauthorized flavored e-cigarettes
Sept. 11, 2019 -- Federal officials said non-tobacco-flavored e-cigarettes including mint and menthol would not be allowed to be sold without FDA review.


CDC: Vaping linked to 5 deaths, 450 reported illnesses
Sept. 6, 2019 -- The patients, many of whom are adolescents and young adults, have complained of difficulty breathing, shortness of breath and/or chest pain. Some also experienced diarrhea, vomiting, fever and fatigue.


CDC provides guidance on treating serious vaping-related illnesses as cases rise
Aug. 30, 2019 -- Clinicians should ask patients detailed questions about recent vaping, obtain samples of vaping products if possible and report suspected vaping-related illnesses to their state or local health departments.


CDC: Death from vaping-related lung illness reported in Illinois
Aug. 23, 2019 -- The first death comes as the count of vaping-related pulmonary illnesses rose to 193 in 22 states since the end of June, though not all have been confirmed.


CDC: 153 cases of severe pulmonary illness reported after vaping
Aug. 22 -- The illnesses have been reported in 16 states since the end of June — California, Connecticut, Florida, Illinois, Indiana, Iowa, Michigan, Minnesota, New Jersey, New Mexico, New York, North Carolina, Pennsylvania, Texas, Utah and Wisconsin. 


AAP works to protect children from e-cigarettes, calls for JUUL to be removed from market
Aug. 21, 2019 -- Beyond the recent lung illnesses, vaping is addictive, harmful to developing brains and contains toxic chemicals.


CDC: Vaping-related pulmonary illness reported in 14 states
Aug. 19, 2019 -- Patients’ symptoms included cough, shortness of breath and fatigue. Some also experienced fever, chest pain, weight loss, nausea or diarrhea, and some required mechanical ventilation.

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