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Virtual Practical Pediatrics course combines recorded, live sessions :

October 1, 2020

An exciting lineup of renowned faculty, stellar content and the perfect level of interaction awaits you at the Virtual Practical Pediatrics Continuing Medical Education Course.

The course features 18 prerecorded general session lectures (35 minutes each) that can be accessed beginning Nov. 13 plus two live days, Dec. 12-13, that also will be recorded.

Dermatology pre-course lectures, with Kim A. Horii, M.D., FAAD, FAAP, include:

  • “Brushing Up On Your ABC’s (and DE’s) — Melanocytic Nevi (Moles) in Children”
  • “Baby You Were Born This Way — Vascular Birthmarks”
  • “Pimples Galore: Management of Teenage Acne”

Developmental and behavioral pediatrics pre-course lectures, with Nathan J. Blum, M.D., FAAP, include:

  • “Intellectual Disability (ID) and Global Developmental Delay (GDD): Screening, Etiology, and Outcome”
  • “Staying Focused on ADHD Management and Outcomes”
  • “Transition to Adulthood for Children With Developmental Disabilities: Whose Responsibilities, What Resources?”

Gastroenterology pre-course lectures, with Jenifer R. Lightdale, M.D., M.P.H., AGAF, FASGE, FAAP, include:

  • “Milk Intolerance: Is it Lactose, Allergy, IBS … or Superstition?”
  • “Neon Babies: Managing Hyperbilirubinemia of the Newborn”
  • “Tell Tale Signs of Inflammatory Bowel Disease in Children”

Infectious diseases pre-course sessions, with Jeffrey R. Starke, M.D., FAAP, include:

  • “When There’s MRSA in the Bursa: Staphylococcus Aureus Infections”
  • “Choosing the Best Antibiotic: How an Infectious Disease Consultant Thinks”
  • “Childhood Tuberculosis: What the General Pediatric Practitioner Needs to Know”

Sports medicine pre-course sessions, with Amanda Weiss-Kelly, M.D., FAAP, include:

  • “Overuse/Overtraining Injuries”
  • “The Sports Pre-Participation Exam”
  • “Concussion: Developments in Evaluation and Treatment”

Urology pre-course sessions, with Michael A. Keating, M.D., FAAP, include:

  • “Abnormal Prenatal Ultrasounds: Before the Cradle and Beyond”
  • “Urinary Tract Infections and Reflux: What’s New?”
  • “The Child Who Wets: What’s a Doctor to Do?”

Live sessions on Dec. 12-13 include Q&A sessions for the prerecorded lectures.

On Dec. 12, participate in the Q&A with Drs. Horii, Starke and Weiss-Kelly. After a break, each faculty member will present seminars on dermatology, infectious diseases and sports medicine.

On Dec. 13, participate in a Q&A with Drs. Blum, Lightdale and Keating. After a break, each faculty member will present a seminar on developmental and behavioral pediatrics, gastroenterology and urology.

Earn up to 21.5 AMA PRA Category 1 credits. Register at


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