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House calls: Innovative way to deliver care to vulnerable populations

August 30, 2021












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When the pandemic led to a precipitous drop in pediatric office visits and vaccination rates, Elaine P. Lin, M.D., FAAP, fielded calls from several colleagues around the country asking for advice on how to integrate house calls into their practice. 

Home visits are nothing new for Dr. Lin. After residency, she was tapped to help build a home visiting program for children with special health care needs.

“To be honest, it was not something I had thought was even a possible career choice as a resident, but I had always been interested in community pediatrics and working with underserved communities,” she said. “Providing home visits seemed like a great way to deliver care in an innovative way to vulnerable populations who have barriers to access high-quality care.”

Dr. Lin now is medical director of the Pediatric Visiting Doctors and Complex Care Program at the Mount Sinai Kravis Children's Hospital in New York City. She also is a member of the AAP Section on Home Care Executive Committee and Council on Children with Disabilities.

Dr. Lin will discuss the pros and cons of home visits as well as some of the scenarios where home visits make the most sense during the on-demand session “Bringing Back House Calls” (OD0048). 

“I think there has definitely been more interest in making house calls for certain populations such as children with medical complexity and high-risk infants,” she said.

Dr. Lin also will share her experience with visiting infants and children with asthma at home. “I think many of the principles and logistics about house calls can apply to other populations as well,” she added.

In addition to explaining the logistics of doing a home visit, she will discuss the importance of safety and the basics of billing.

“House calls offer a unique way to deliver care that is rewarding and beneficial for both patients and providers,” Dr. Lin said.

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