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2021 AAP Virtual National Conference & Exhibition

August 18, 2021

The 2021 AAP Virtual National Conference & Exhibition took place Oct. 8-11. Registration is open through Nov. 1 at, and educational content is available until Jan. 31, 2022.

Expert recounts complexities of immigrant children at border, with call to action
Paul H. Wise, M.D., M.P.H., FAAP, a special expert for the U.S. federal court overseeing the treatment of migrant children, described the crisis at the Southern border and challenges for pediatricians during Sunday's plenary.



Plenary speaker: Forge community relationships to reduce COVID-19 disparities
In her plenary address Sunday, clinical health psychologist Michele P. Andrasik, Ph.D., discussed how to improve vaccine access and uptake in communities of color.



Olympic medalist shares story of perseverance through mental health challenges
In her keynote address Saturday, Simone Biles talked about her decision to withdraw from the Summer Olympics, experiences with abuse and courage to put her health and safety first.



'You inspire me each day': Dr. Beers pays tribute to members, sums up achievements of past year
In her president’s address at the opening plenary, Dr. Beers recounts the challenges, successes — and rewards during the pandemic.




Welcome to #AAP2021: Learn, connect with colleagues
wherever you are
The virtual conference promises to deliver top-notch education and opportunities to connect with faculty, exhibitors and other attendees.



Peds 21 program to illuminate why injury prevention deserves more attention
This year’s Pediatrics for the 21st Century program elevates the significance of unintentional injuries and spurs pediatricians to take action.




11 sessions will help you stay up to date on COVID-19

Experts in infectious diseases, neonatology and practice management are among the faculty who lead sessions to help pediatricians address the health of their patients, families, practices and communities.




How pediatricians can turn off 'water hose' of adolescent mental health concerns
A pediatric psychologist explains how to use six stages of change to help teens adopt healthy habits.




How to incorporate suicide prevention strategies in a busy practice
A pediatrician and pediatric psychologist will provide well-tested approaches that busy clinicians can use to efficiently identify and provide care to patients at risk for suicide.



Consider teaming up with D.O. for tough cases
An osteopathic pediatrician explains what D.O.s can offer children and their families to complement routine medical care.




House calls: Innovative way to deliver care to vulnerable populations
The medical director of a pediatric home visiting program discusses the pros and cons of house calls, logistics of doing a home visit and the basics of billing.




Expert: Iron deficiency may affect more of your patients than you realize
The director of the Iron Disorders and Nutritional Anemias Program in the Texas Children’s Cancer and Hematology Centers will discuss how to diagnose iron deficiency and updated treatment recommendations.



View ED visit through eyes of a patient with autism
Learn strategies to make visits in any clinical setting more conducive for patients who struggle with sensory sensitivities, social interactions, unpredictability and long wait times.



Partnering with schools can ease challenges for children with chronic illnesses
A pediatric psychologist discusses how to assess patients’ needs, reviews accommodations and supports that schools can provide, and highlights hospital-school partnership models.


How pediatricians can promote language development in bilingual children
A bilingual pediatrician answers questions about dual language learners such as whether learning two languages can cause language delays and how to spot delays in a child who speaks more than one language.



What you should know if a patient crowdfunds for medical care
The number of online fundraisers to pay for medical bills is soaring. An expert in pediatric bioethics discusses ethical and policy issues related to crowdfunding and how pediatricians can counsel families.



Medication nonadherence is frustrating: How to help patients change behavior
Medication nonadherence is a problem across pediatric chronic diseases, even those that can be life-threatening. Find out how to tackle the problem.



How to differentiate sleep disorders from ADHD
A sleep medicine specialist discusses sleep disorders that mimic attention-deficit/hyperactivity disorder and how identification and treatment of these disorders can improve — or even resolve — symptoms of ADHD in some youths.



Crunched for time? Here's how you can speak up for children
An advocacy veteran reviews AAP-supported legislation and explains what pediatricians can do in as little as five minutes to improve the lives of children.




Are you up to speed on the latest asthma management guidelines?
A member of the AAP Section on Pediatric Pulmonology and Sleep Medicine Executive Committee will review updated asthma management guidelines from the National Heart, Lung, and Blood Institute.



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