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Changes to MOC program aim to simplify requirements, provide flexibility

January 26, 2022

The American Board of Pediatrics (ABP) has announced updates to the Maintenance of Certification (MOC) Portfolio program for participating pediatricians.

The changes are meant to simplify MOC requirements overall and provide incentives and flexibility to Diplomates who exceed the required amount of MOC Part 4 points in each five-year cycle.

The new point requirements and rollover points were recommended and approved by the ABP Board of Directors and Continuing Certification Committee, which consists of practicing pediatricians, subspecialists and members of the public. They also were reviewed with focus groups comprised of board-certified pediatricians.

The following changes took effect Jan. 20:

  • Diplomates will need to earn 50 points from self-assessment activities (Part 2) and 50 points from quality improvement activities (Part 4) each cycle. The original requirements were 40 Part 2, 40 Part 4 and 20 additional points from either category. A total of 100 MOC points still will be required in each cycle.
  • Moving forward, all Part 4 activities and pathways will be standardized to 25-point increments. Activities no longer will be approved for less than 25 Part 4 points. ABP Diplomates will be able to roll over up to 25 Part 4 points into their next cycle once requirements are met. For example, if Diplomates earn 75 Part 4 points in their current cycle, they can roll over the extra 25 Part 4 points into their next cycle. The rollover points apply only to Part 4.

“Over the years, pediatricians have told us the MOC cycle point requirement (40 Part 2 + 40 Part 4 + 20 additional points) was very confusing,” ABP Vice President for Continuing Certification Keith Mann, M.D., M.Ed., FAAP, said in a press release. “We listened, and the feedback we received inspired this update. We also felt it was important to reward pediatricians who earn more points than they need each cycle and to offer flexibility to those who have the opportunity to work ahead.”

Questions about the changes should be emailed to


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