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AAP survey highlights diverse backgrounds of graduating pediatric residents

July 1, 2022

Graduating pediatric residents have diverse backgrounds, according to data from the last five years of the AAP Annual Survey of Graduating Residents. Four in 10 are from immigrant families, and one in five graduated from an international medical school.

Among the 2,357 survey respondents who graduated residency in 2017-’21, 22% reported they were born outside the U.S., and 42% reported at least one of their parents was born outside the U.S. In addition, 16% of residents grew up outside the U.S.

Among those who grew up in the U.S., 59% were in a suburb, 18% small town or city, 10% urban area, 8% rural area and 5% inner city.

Sixty percent of residents identify as White, non-Hispanic, 20% Asian, 11% Hispanic, 5% Black or African American, 4% other and 0.4% American Indian or Alaska Native (see chart). Over one-third (38%) reported proficiency communicating in languages other than English. Nineteen percent graduated from international medical schools.

Residents graduating in 2021 were asked about their experiences caring for diverse families during training. Eight in 10 estimated that at least half their families were low income, and 38% estimated that at least one-third had limited English proficiency. Six in 10 reported excellent or very good preparation in caring for families with limited English proficiency, and 47% reported such preparation in caring for immigrant families.

The Annual Survey of Graduating Residents is a 25-year program of the AAP. Each year since 1997, a survey has been sent to a national random sample of 1,000 residents graduating from U.S. pediatric programs to measure their training experiences, career choice and job search experiences. Response rates ranged from 53% in 2017 (n=528) to 38% in 2021 (n=380).


  • The AAP Section on International Medical Graduates promotes the interests of physicians who graduated from medical schools outside the U.S. and Canada and subsequently attended a residency or fellowship training program in the U.S. For information, visit or contact Maimunat Alex-Adeomi at 630-626-6228 or
  • The AAP Section on Early Career Physicians supports pediatric physicians who are within 10 years of their residency or fellowship graduation. For information, visit org/soecp or contact Elisha Ferguson at 630-626-6208 or
  • For more information on the Annual Survey of Graduating Residents, visit or contact Liz Gottschlich at 630-626-6627 or
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