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Leadership Conference: Top resolution calls for support of pediatricians experiencing stress, public attacks

August 7, 2022

Supporting pediatricians who are experiencing stress, threats of violence and/or public attacks with expedited assistance was chosen as the No. 1 resolution by attendees at the 2022 AAP Leadership Conference. 

This year's conference marked the first time AAP leaders had met in person since 2019. In attendance were AAP chapter, committee, council and section leaders from all districts, drawing on their diverse perspectives and expertise to advise the AAP Board of Directors. 

Following are the top 10 resolutions, which will be referred to areas of the Academy with related expertise for review and potential action: 

  1. Supporting Pediatrician Advocates Experiencing Adversity
  2. Equitable Access to Quality Healthcare for Patients with Public and Private insurance
  3. Inclusion of Administrative Costs in Chapter Grant Opportunities
  4. Expanded Education and Training on Transgender Care
  5. Labeling of Sexually Transmitted Infections (STI) Screening on Explanation of Benefits (EOBs) to Support Adolescent Confidentiality
  6. Alleviating Childhood Poverty Through Tax Credit Policies
  7. Promote Sustainable Staffing Models for Pediatric Physicians and Their Healthcare Teams
  8. Combatting Censorship: Promoting Open Access to Books and Information for Children and Adolescents
  9. Improving Training for and Management of Pediatric Behavioral Health Crises in the Emergency Room Setting
  10. Incorporating Environmental, Social and Governance Principles in the AAP's Investment Strategy

The top 10 resolutions were chosen from 48 submitted by AAP groups and members for consideration. The resolutions were then voted on by 185 eligible members during the conference held Aug. 4-7. 

Full text of the resolutions and the voting results can be viewed here

More highlights from the Leadership Conference will be published in the September issue of AAP News.

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