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National Resident Matching Program releases fellowship results for pediatric specialties

December 1, 2022

Five pediatric subspecialties filled more than 95% of their fellowship positions in the first combined Medicine and Pediatric Specialties Match. They were pediatric cardiology, pediatric critical care medicine, pediatric emergency medicine, pediatric gastroenterology and pediatric hospital medicine.

The largest percentages of unfilled pediatric positions were in academic general pediatrics, infectious diseases, nephrology and endocrinology.

The match held Nov. 30 included 39 subspecialties in internal medicine, pediatrics, addiction and multidisciplinary specialties.

This single fellowship match, the largest to date, combined the former Medical Specialties Matching Program, Pediatric Specialties and Adolescent Medicine fellowship matches, allowing applicants to rank both medicine and pediatric programs on the same rank order list for combined training. In addition, partners in different specialties could participate in the same match as a couple.

Applicants who matched will begin fellowship training in July 2023.

There were 9,690 applicants enrolled in this year’s match, according to the National Resident Matching Program. In the pediatric specialties, there were 1,814 certified positions and 1,536 positions filled.

Match Day 2023 for the Main Residency Match will be held March 17.



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