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Leadership Conference: Top resolution calls for federal protections of gender-affirming care for patients, doctors

August 8, 2023

Calls for the Academy to advocate for federal protections of gender-affirming care for both patients and their doctors, including payment for medical services, was chosen as the No. 1 resolution by voters at the 2023 AAP Leadership Conference.

The resolution also calls for the Academy to advocate for gender-affirming care as a human right.

During the conference, which took place Aug. 3-6 in Itasca, Ill., 188 members voted on 75 resolutions, and 63 were adopted. Resolutions provide input to the Board of Directors on the direction of policies and activities.

At the conclusion of the resolution discussion, 157 voters (84% response rate) ranked the top 10 resolutions they felt were of the utmost importance to AAP members.

Following are the top 10 resolutions, which will be referred to areas of the Academy with related expertise for review and potential action:

  1. Federal Protections of Gender-Affirming Care for Both Patients and Their Doctors
  2. Supporting Pediatric Payment Advocacy
  3. Autism Diagnosis by Pediatricians
  4. Support for State Constitutional Ballot Amendments That Protect Access to Reproductive Healthcare
  5. Supporting Community Pediatricians who Teach Medical Students and Residents in their Practice
  6. Increasing Access to Mental Health Services for Youth by Restructuring Medicaid Payment
  7. Opposing Legislation that Bans Offices of Equity, Diversity and Inclusion (EDI) and Restricts EDI Education for Learners at State Medical Schools
  8. Ban on Youth-Oriented Gun Advertising
  9. Advocating for Telehealth Across State Lines for Students
  10. Supporting Pediatricians’ Discussion of Firearm Safety in Pediatric Settings

Full text of the resolutions and voting results can be viewed here.

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