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FYI: Spina bifida videos, motor skill tool, AAP News wins award and more

September 1, 2023

Spina bifida videos in English, Spanish

Educational videos for youths with spina bifida and their families highlight key timelines for transition from pediatric to adult-focused health care. The videos emphasize the needs of individuals with spina bifida and address support for cognitive and physical challenges that could impact self-management and quality of life.

Access the videos in English at and Spanish at

Tool for parents on physical development delays

The AAP has updated a tool to help parents and caregivers better understand the importance of identifying developmental issues early. The tool can help parents, especially those of newborns and young children, keep track of their child’s development and learn more about physical developmental skills, such as rolling over, sitting up, grabbing toys and walking.

The AAP team worked with subject matter experts to review, update and relaunch the tool to ensure the content is relevant and helpful, and that the tool site is easy to access and navigate. The tool is based on the AAP clinical report Motor Delays: Early Identification and Evaluation.

Access the tool at

AAP News staff earns award

AAP News was recognized in the 35th annual APEX Awards for Communication Excellence.

Senior editor Carla Kemp received an award in the Writing – Best Rewrites category. She plays a key role in the publication and development of AAP News and National Conference & Exhibition communications.

The contest, held annually by Communications Concepts Inc., recognizes excellence in editorial content. More than 1,100 entries were received in 114 categories for the 2023 competition.

New oral history published

A new oral history featuring Billie Wright Adams, M.D., FAAP, of Chicago, has been published by the Gartner Pediatric History Center at

In the interview, Dr. Adams talks about her family and growing up in Bluefield, W.Va. She also speaks about the importance of the golden rule (Do unto others…) and mentorship in pediatrics.

In her pediatric practice in Chicago, Dr. Adams not only cared for the health of children but also encouraged them to succeed in education and become involved in extracurricular activities.

Promising medical home practices, projects

The National Resource Center for Patient/Family-Centered Medical Home is highlighting five practices/programs that provide care for children and youths with special health care needs through the medical home lens at

The practices focus on four areas to improve systems of care, including equity, family-centered care, integration of behavioral and mental health, and adolescent health care.

Information is provided on each program’s outcomes, impact and funding, as well as recommendations to implement a similar model to improve the systems of care and contact information for each practice/project.

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