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Susan J. Kressly

Members select Dr. Kressly AAP president-elect; approve new board rotation calendar

September 28, 2023

When the call came in to inform Susan J. Kressly, M.D., FAAP, she was elected AAP president-elect, it was exactly one year since Hurricane Ian hit Sanibel Island, Fla., where she lives. The worst storm on that island since 1926 devastated her home, though it remains livable.

So as she continues rebuilding, the good news of her AAP win was well-timed.

“It was really awesome to know that there is hope at the end of a long journey…,” Dr. Kressly said.

Resilience is one of the qualities of the pediatric practice expert who has served in many AAP leadership capacities. Her tenure as chair of the AAP Section on Administration and Practice Management will end Dec. 31, as she steps into the role of president-elect on Jan. 1, 2024.

Dr. Kressly will focus on prioritizing children, empowering pediatricians and inspiring hope. She said there is an underpinning challenge in all of those priorities: Pediatrics is critically underpaid and under-resourced.

"Why and what levers do we have to change (this)? Because it’s not sustainable, and the kids are counting on us.”

She also is looking forward to learning the priorities of members — a journey, she said, has already begun.

Dr. Kressly ran against David L. Hill, M.D., FAAP, of Wilmington, N.C.

She will take over as president on Jan.1, 2025, following Benjamin D. Hoffman, M.D., FAAP, of Portland, Ore., who will serve as president in 2024. Read more about Dr. Kressly at

National offices

Results for additional AAP national offices are below. Those elected will take office on Jan. 1, 2024.

At-large board members

Medical subspecialist (seat A)

Angela M. Ellison, M.D., M.Sc., FAAP

Surgical specialist (seat B)

Kristina W. Rosbe, M.D., FAAP


District II chairperson

Jeffrey M. Kaczorowski, M.D., FAAP

District II vice chairperson

Vanessa Salcedo, M.D., M.P.H., FAAP


District III National Nominating Committee representative

(Stephanie) Tanner Walsh, M.D., IBCLC, FAAP


District IV chairperson

Patricia M. Purcell, M.D., M.B.A., FAAP

District IV vice chairperson

Deborah M. Greenhouse, M.D., FAAP


District V vice chairperson

Hirotaka (Hiro) Yamashiro, M.D., FAAP


District VI National Nominating Committee representative

Alison Brooks, M.D., M.P.H., FAAP


District VII chairperson

Susan Buttross, M.D., FAAP

District VII vice chairperson

Eve H. Switzer, M.D., FAAP


District VIII chairperson

Gregory S. Blaschke, M.D., M.P.H., FAAP

District VIII vice chairperson

Elizabeth Meade, M.D., FAAP

District VIII National Nominating Committee representative

John A. Pope, M.D., M.P.H., FAAP


District X National Nominating Committee representative

D. Paul Robinson, M.D., FAAP


New board member rotation

Members also approved a bylaws referendum on a revised rotation calendar for the Board of Directors to improve continuity and governance:

  • Beginning with the 2024 election cycle, Districts V and X Board Members Lia Gaggino, M.D., FAAP, and Madeline Joseph, M.D., FAAP, will have their terms extended two years, to 2026. Thereafter, the terms for board members from those districts will revert to four years.
  • The board member elected to at-large seat A (medical subspecialist) will have a six-year term (2024 through 2029). Thereafter, the term for this seat will revert to four years.
  • The board members elected in 2023 from Districts VII and VIII will serve six-year terms (2024 through 2029). Thereafter, the terms will revert to four years.

An independent task force created in January recommended the changes. The membership vote followed a vote at this year’s Leadership Conference to allow the referendum to be placed on the ballot.

Of eligible voters, 13.5% cast votes in the AAP election. There were no position vacancies in Districts I and IX.

District chairpersons serve as AAP board members. District vice chairpersons support the district chairpersons, including assisting in chapter development. National Nominating Committee representatives select candidates for president-elect and district offices and oversee the campaign and election.


For background on all the candidates, visit the AAP News Election Guide 2023.

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