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Members can submit resolutions for 2024 Leadership Conference

February 1, 2024

AAP members who are passionate about a child health topic or pediatric issue can help shape the Academy’s priorities by writing a resolution for consideration at the annual Leadership Conference.

“What I love about the resolution process is that a member of the AAP can take their ‘What I think the AAP should do…’ idea and engage directly with leaders at the AAP,” said Marsha D. Spitzer, M.D., FAAP, chairperson of the Chapter Forum Management Committee, which oversees the resolution process.

More than 300 leaders, including key content experts, discuss resolutions at the Leadership Conference, and feedback is provided to authors whose resolutions are adopted, Dr. Spitzer said.

Leaders also vote to select the top 10 resolutions they feel the Academy should prioritize. Below are updates on several of the top 10 resolutions from 2023.

Gender-affirming care

The AAP is a leading voice for protecting gender-affirming care (GAC).  It has submitted amicus briefs in court cases targeting GAC across the country. On the legislative front, the AAP continues to educate federal and state lawmakers about its policy and standards of care for GAC.

Protecting access to reproductive health care

The AAP has been engaged in this issue for years and reaffirmed its support for adolescents’ rights to comprehensive, confidential reproductive health care in the 2022 policy statement The Adolescent’s Right to Confidential Care When Considering Abortion.  

Firearm safety

The AAP continues to advocate at the state and federal levels for restricting the sale of guns to minors as well as for other gun safety laws, such as universal background checks and assault weapons bans.

The AAP developed continuing medical education courses to help pediatric care providers learn and practice counseling families on firearm safety. The two courses Safer: Storing Firearms Prevents Harm and CALM for Pediatric Providers: Counseling on Access to Lethal Means describe and model respectful, collaborative conversations about firearm safety that can help pediatricians provide guidance about safe storage and use of firearms to all families. Both courses, as well as additional resources, are available at

Members also can join the Firearm Injury Prevention Special Interest Group.  

Provisional autism diagnosis by pediatricians

The tip sheet Autism Diagnosis in Primary Care was released in September 2023.

The AAP recently received funding from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention to revise the PediaLink course Identifying and Caring for Children with Autism Spectrum Disorder: A Course for Pediatric Clinicians. It will provide education and support to primary care pediatricians and other clinicians on caring for children with ASD, including how to make the diagnosis in primary care. The revised course is anticipated to launch in July.

Supporting community pediatricians who teach medical students and residents in their practice

The AAP is dedicated to helping build support for community-based learning and those who facilitate it.

An assessment of community pediatricians’ needs was launched with a session attended by more than 100 people at the 2023 AAP National Conference. Several primary needs were identified, including the development and delivery of a curriculum on office-based teaching, advocacy for compensation for community preceptors and development of a virtual forum to share best practices.

Guidance on writing a resolution

Dr. Spitzer said engaging in the resolution process can lead to more involvement at the Academy. “A resolution author can meet other pediatricians who share their interest, maybe join a section or council, and lead to deeper involvement with the AAP,” she said.

All 10 AAP districts have a Chapter Forum Management Committee representative ( who can guide members through the resolution writing process.

The following resources also can help:

The 2024 Leadership Conference is scheduled for July 25-28. Resolutions should be submitted to by 11:59 p.m. CT on April 1.

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