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Recalled gun safes.

MouTec brand has recalled 2,200 biometric firearm safes after a 6-year-old boy reportedly opened one of the safes.

120,000 gun safes recalled after safety features fail; 6-year-old reportedly opens safe

February 26, 2024

Four manufacturers are recalling thousands of gun safes in response to reports that nearly 100 unauthorized users, including a 6-year-old boy, were able to open the safes. No injuries were reported.

In total, more than 120,000 biometric gun safes from MouTec, Awesafe, Bulldog and Machir were recalled after the biometric safety feature failed.

MouTec is recalling 2,200 biometric firearm safes after a 6-year-old boy reportedly was able to open one of the safes.

The MouTec biometric firearm safes (model number QCJJ01) were sold on from September 2021 to February 2023 for $170 to $400. The gray steel safes have one shelf that can store approximately five firearms. Email for replacement and repair information.

Awesafe is recalling 60,000 biometric gun safes after receiving reports of 71 instances where the safes were opened by unauthorized users when the biometric lock failed.

The Awesafe gun safes were sold at Walmart stores nationwide and on and from August 2019 to December 2022 for about $130. The recalled safes can fit two pistols. Email Awesafe at for replacement information.

Bulldog is recalling 33,500 biometric firearms safes after receiving four reports of safes being opened by an unauthorized user.

The Bulldog firearm safes were sold at Bass Pro Shops, Walmart and firearm stores nationwide and on from July 2016 to January 2024 for $194 to $216. The recalled Bulldog safes include model numbers BD4030B, BD4040B and BD4055B. Contact Bulldog at 888-799-8001 or for repair and replacement information.

The notice also includes Machir recalling 24,820 biometric personal safes after 15 reports of the safe being opened by an unauthorized user. The safes can pose injury hazards, including a risk of death, if they are used to store firearms.

The Machir biometric personal safes were sold at Walmart stores and on and from July 2019 to September 2021 for about $98. Contact Machir at 888-505-5195 or for replacement information.

Consumers who purchased any of the recalled safes should stop using the biometric feature immediately, remove the batteries and use only the key when storing firearms until they can have their safe repaired or receive a free replacement safe.

The latest recalls come just months after Fortress Safe of Naperville, Ill., announced a recall of 61,000 of its biometric gun safes because a fingerprint programming feature could allow unauthorized access. A 12-year-old child reportedly died after being able to open one of the safes and obtain a firearm that was stored inside.

“At the time, I called it ‘the most concerning recall that’s ever come across my desk,’” Richard L. Trumka Jr., commissioner of the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC), said in a statement. “And now we’ve found that this deadly hazard is widespread among biometric gun safes and across manufacturers. These safes are ticking time bombs.”

According to Trumka, CPSC is continuing to evaluate additional biometric gun safes and will communicate any additional recalls.

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