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Family partnerships book cover and PREP statistics cover

FYI: Family Partnerships book, CME course, Pediatrics Open Science call for papers

June 1, 2024

Preorder Family Partnerships book at shopAAP

The paperback version of Pediatric Collections: Family Partnerships is available for preorder from shopAAP. This new collection focuses on partnerships between families, patients and doctors to improve patient experience.

Patients and their families play crucial roles as partners in ensuring quality and safety across various aspects of health care, including direct care, quality enhancement, safety initiatives, professional education, research, facility planning and policy development.

This collection includes articles on individual-level partnerships (Improving Diagnostic Safety; Communication Strategies for Patients Who Are Nonverbal; and Contextualizing Future Health: A Parent and Resident Discuss Down Syndrome) and systems-level partnerships (Building Community With Assistive Technology; Codeveloped Family-Faculty Curriculum to Improve Trainee Communication; Family Caregiver Partnerships in Palliative Care Research Design and Implementation; and Community-Informed Peer Support for Parents of Gender-Diverse Youth).

The collection also includes an infographic, two plain language summaries distilling the key takeaways from additional articles and a resource list for families looking to get more involved.

More information is available at

PREP course on statistics

Basic PREP Statistics Self-Assessment is an online case-based assessment curated by experts to help physicians acquire an understanding of statistical concepts. This self-assessment covers basic concepts such as types of variables, distribution of data, hypotheses testing, statistical tests and measurements of association and effect.

Learning objectives include the following:

  • understand how statistical data are used in research,
  • analyze statistical data to interpret research findings to determine the best course of treatment for patients; and
  • identify knowledge gaps in the area of statistics and follow up with suggested readings for additional study.

For more information or to purchase the course, visit

Practical Pediatrics CME course

The 2024 Practical Pediatrics CME course will take place June 21-23 in Williamsburg, Va. Course topics include emergency medicine, gastroenterology, infectious diseases, otolaryngology, psychiatry/psychology and sports medicine.

The course is designed for pediatricians, family physicians, nurse practitioners and physical assistants caring for children.

Practical Pediatrics CME courses feature nationally prominent faculty presenting topics that highlight current issues in pediatrics. Each course combines lectures, interactive seminars and question-and-answer sessions, providing an opportunity to interact with faculty in solving problems encountered in everyday clinical settings.

For more information or to register for the course, visit

Pediatrics Open Science call for papers

The manuscript site is open for the AAP’s new open access journal Pediatrics Open Science, which will publish a broad spectrum of clinical and academic articles open to a diverse audience of health care professionals.

Open access is a publishing model in which every article is free to read, download and share. The authors and their funders, rather than subscribers and readers, cover the cost of the publication, thereby removing barriers that may deter potential readers and allowing equal access to knowledge for all.

Submit manuscripts at Learn more about Pediatrics Open Science at

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