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2020 ICD-10-CM code changes not typically used in pediatrics :

August 15, 2019
Topic Category/subcategory or code
Atrial fibrillation I48-*
Breast lump N63.15 Unspecified lump in the right breast, overlapping quadrants
N63.25  Unspecified lump in the left breast, overlapping quadrants
Embolism/thrombophlebitis I82.4- and I82.5-
Neurostimulator Z96.82   Presence of neurostimulator
Personal history in-situ neoplasm Z86.00-
Phlebitis and thrombophlebitis I80.24-, I80.25-
Pressure induced deep tissue damage L89.0-, L89.1-, L89.2-, L89.3-, L89.46, L89.5-, L89.6-, L89.8-, L89.96
Pulmonary embolism I26.9-

*- Indicates that more characters need to be added to complete the code

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