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5 steps to submit MOC activities, claim CME credit :

February 4, 2019

Changes to the new Activities & Credit Management (transcript) portal aim to improve how you locate, claim and submit continuing medical education (CME) activities.

The overhauled tool at is part of the ongoing Digital Transformation Initiative. As with many digital tools, the transcript tool is being honed and adapted. Member input is crucial to ensure that it is user-friendly and efficient.

“We are taking the transition one step at a time and appreciate members’ feedback and patience as we continue to improve the process,” said Mark D. Del Monte, J.D., AAP CEO/executive vice president (interim).

If your Maintenance of Certification (MOC) cycle ends in 2019, don’t wait until December to make sure you completed all applicable activities, earned/posted points, re-enrolled in MOC and paid American Board of Pediatrics fees.

Following are frequently asked questions about navigating the new transcripts portal and claiming and submitting completed activities.

Why did you change the transcripts service?

The goal is to provide a user-friendly, improved activities and credit management home that meets members’ needs. The digital platform that previously housed the transcript service was old, no longer usable and needed to be updated.

The last time I checked my record, I did not find any new activities that I could claim. Where are they?

Please take a moment to revisit your record. The previous default view did not display eligible activities in a user-friendly manner. Based on member feedback, we’ve added a new toggle switch that gathers and displays all activities that are Eligible to Claim when it is switched on. (See Figure 1, top left.)

Figure 1

Only activities that are “Eligible to Claim” are visible when the toggle switch is on.

How do I find and claim my completed activities?

Members can track activities in progress and claim completed activities in five easy steps.

Step 1: Log in with your username and password at

Step 2:Make sure the “Eligible to Claim” toggle switch is turned on. Your page will display the newest eligible-to-claim activities first. You will see activities from every Learning Format (e.g., journal-based CME, enduring material, live activity) and Credit Category (e.g., AAP Credit Only, MOC Part 2, CME). If the toggle is off, it will show a view of all activities (all, in progress, expired, etc.).

Step 3:Look under the blue “Eligible to Claim” status indicator. Clickon the “Claim CME” link or “Submit MOC Part 2 Credit” link. (See Figure 1.)

Step 4: Submit the claim. A “Success” page will display. (See Figure 2.)

Figure 2

Each time you claim CME or submit MOC credit, a Success! page will display.

Step 5: To find more activities that are eligible to claim, click “Go back to Listing Page” at the bottom of the Success page or click the “Activities” tab at the top of the Success page. Make sure the toggle switch is on to view “Eligible to Claim” activities.


Take the guided online tour for a step-by-step walk-through of the Activities & Credit Management (transcript) portal.

Can I offer a suggestion?

Member feedback will continue to drive ongoing updates to the transcript system and its webpages. Click the “Provide feedback” tab on the righthand side of the page to visit For additional questions, contact AAP Member and Customer Care at 866-843-2271 or

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