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AAP CEO announces candidates for president-elect, district offices :

May 26, 2016

Dear Voting Fellow:

As stipulated in the bylaws of the American Academy of Pediatrics, I am hereby officially notifying you of the candidates for president-elect:

  • Michael T. Brady, M.D., FAAP, Columbus, Ohio
  • Colleen A. Kraft, M.D., FAAP, Cincinnati, Ohio

Candidates for district offices are listed below.

According to the Academy’s bylaws, petitions for candidates for president-elect must be submitted to the Academy’s Central Office at least 30 days prior to the election (by noon CT on Sept. 21). Petitions must bear the signatures of at least 5% of the vote-eligible members from each of at least five districts. For district positions, the petition must include the signatures of at least 5% of the vote-eligible members from a majority of chapters in the district, and no more than 50% of the signatures may come from one chapter.

The June through October issues of AAP News will contain information on each president-elect candidate. The Voter’s Guide in the August issue of AAP News will contain biographical information on all district candidates. This information also will be posted on the National AAP Election Center on MyAAP, (login required), in addition to similar information on any candidates who may be nominated by petition.

The election by all voting members will be conducted online only. The election will commence on Friday, Oct. 21 and conclude at noon CT on Monday, Nov. 21. Online voting instructions will be provided by email to all voting Fellows with email addresses on file with the Academy.

Watch your email in October for voting information from the AAP election coordinator. The email message will contain your personalized link to the election ballot (no additional ballot login information will be required). The candidates receiving a majority of the votes cast in each category will be declared the winners.

If you have any questions concerning the election procedures, contact Katie Friedman at or 800-433-9016, ext. 4296.

Karen Remley, M.D., M.B.A., M.P.H., FAAP
CEO/Executive Director

2016 district office candidates

District I

District Chairperson

Wendy Davis, M.D., FAAP

Peter Rappo, M.D., FAAP

District II

District Vice Chairperson

Michael Terranova, M.D., FAAP

National Nominating Committee

Eric Beyer, M.D., FAAP

Abraham Jelin, M.D., FAAP

District IV

District Chairperson

Jane Foy, M.D., FAAP (re-election)

District Vice Chairperson

Robert C. Gunther, M.D., FAAP (re-election)

District V

District Vice Chairperson

Gerald Tiberio, M.D., FAAP (re-election)

National Nominating Committee

Jeanette Lia Gaggino, M.D., FAAP


District Chairperson

Anthony Johnson, M.D., FAAP (re-election)

District Vice Chairperson

Gary Floyd, M.D., FAAP (re-election)


National Nominating Committee

Phyllis Agran, M.D., FAAP

Steven Feig, M.D., FAAP

There are no position vacancies in Districts III, VI, VIII or X.

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