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AAP groups, members honored at Annual Leadership Forum :

April 18, 2019

Outstanding Chapter awards

Winners of Outstanding Chapter Awards gather during the Annual Leadership Forum. Bottom row (from left): Ohio Chapter President Michael Gittelman, M.D., FAAP; Executive Director Melissa Wervey Arnold; and Vice President Jill Fitch, M.D., FAAP. Second row (from left): Indiana Chapter Vice President Emily Scott, M.D., FAAP; President Thomas GiaQuinta, M.D., FAAP; and Executive Director Chris Weintraut, J.D. Third row (from left): Utah Chapter Vice President Jennifer Brinton, M.D., FAAP; Executive Director Alisa Stoddard; and President Paul Wirkus, M.D., FAAP. Fourth row (from left) Vermont Chapter Vice President Rebecca Bell, M.D., FAAP; President Jill Rinehart, M.D., FAAP; and Executive Director Stephanie Winters.

Small Chapter – Vermont

Jill Rinehart, M.D., FAAP, president

Rebecca Bell, M.D., FAAP, vice president

Stephanie Winters, executive director

Medium Chapter – Utah

Paul Wirkus, M.D., FAAP, president

Jennifer Brinton, M.D., FAAP, vice president

Alisa Stoddard, executive director

Large Chapter – Indiana

Thomas GiaQuinta, M.D., FAAP, president

Emily Scott, M.D., FAAP, vice president

Chris Weintraut, J.D., executive director

Very Large Chapter – Ohio

Michael Gittelman, M.D., FAAP, president

Jill Fitch, M.D., FAAP, vice president

Melissa Wervey Arnold, executive director

The Outstanding Chapter Awards are supported by Abbott Nutrition.

Council awards

Advocacy Awards

Rebecca Bell, M.D., FAAP, Council on Injury, Violence and Poison Prevention

Marsha Griffin, M.D., FAAP, Council on Community Pediatrics

Communication and Collaboration Award

Susan Levy, M.D., M.P.H., FAAP, Council on Children with Disabilities

Educational Excellence Award

Council on School Health

Innovation Award

Council on Early Childhood

Membership Award

Council on Clinical Information Technology

Unsung Heroes Awards

Brian Johnston, M.D., M.P.H., FAAP, Council on Injury, Violence and Poison Prevention
Tanya Altman, M.D., FAAP, Council on Communications and Media
Jennifer Lail, M.D., FAAP, Council on Children with Disabilities
Barbara Bentz, M.D., Council on Environmental Health

Young Member InvolvementAward

Council on Clinical Information Technology

Section awards

Advocacy Award

Section on Ophthalmology

Communication and Collaboration Award

Section on Oral Health

Educational Excellence Award

Section on Osteopathic Pediatricians

Innovation Award

Section on Telehealth Care

Membership Award

Section on Developmental and Behavioral Pediatrics

Unsung Heroes Award

Section on Radiology

Young Member Involvement Awards

Section on Dermatology

Section on Neurology

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